Level up Your Kitchen Renovation

Level up Your Kitchen Renovation, Contact Renovations blog

Level up Your Kitchen Renovation - Have You Considered Upgrading These Details?

You may have a budget for your kitchen renovation in mind, but you can also invest a bit more in some areas to level up your kitchen. These details won’t add a huge amount to your budget in the overall scheme of things, but they will upgrade your kitchen and add an extra punch. Walk through this recent renovation project with me and see how these details really make this kitchen shine:

A major consideration for many people who are considering a kitchen renovation is budget.


Kitchen Island Design to Make the Most of Your Space

Kitchen Island Design to Make the Most of Your Space, Contact Renovations blog

Make the Most of Your Space With Intelligent Kitchen Island Design

How can you make the most of your space but still incorporate a kitchen island? The answer is intelligent kitchen island design. I give some pointers on how your can design your island to be functional and not make your kitchen feel cramped – watch to get all the details:

Many people ask us to help design their kitchens, and they want to incorporate an island into their layout. The right island design will make your kitchen much more functional, but the wrong design can make your kitchen feel cramped and hard to navigate.


Floating Shelves in the Kitchen: Combining Fashion and Function

Floating Shelves in the Kitchen, Contact Renovations blog

Floating Shelves in the Kitchen: Combining Fashion and Function

Want to add a unique design detail to your kitchen? Try adding some kitchen floating shelves. It’s a great way to combine both fashion and function in your kitchen renovation. Check out the video to see more:

Floating shelves can really be a great meeting point for fashion and function. Are you wondering why you should consider adding them to your kitchen renovation project? Well, read on for some great reasons:

Five Reasons to Consider Adding Floating Shelves to Your Kitchen: 

Floating shelves in the kitchen, Contact Renovations blog



What to Know About Kitchen Lighting Layouts

What to Know About Kitchen Lighting Layouts, Contact Renovations blog

What to Know About Kitchen Lighting Layouts

If you’ve ever worked in a poorly-lit kitchen, you know how important kitchen lighting is. In this video, I talk about kitchen lighting layouts and considerations – what types of lighting you should consider, and how to pick a lighting layout that gives light to all of your kitchen. Check it out:

Let’s chat about planning your lighting in your kitchen. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, or any other home renovation for that matter, lighting is a key component. So here are some tips: 

Focus Light on Where You Need It

You need light in your kitchen.


Kitchen Remodel Before and After

Kitchen Remodel Reveal, Contact Renovations blog

Kitchen Before and After Remodel Reveal!

This kitchen was a u-shaped kitchen that got a full remodel to make it much more spacious! Watch the video for a full before and after, and keep reading for tips and ideas you can use from this kitchen project!

This kitchen remodel was a complete renovation. The “before” narrow space with a counter and a bulkhead that interrupted the flow of the space, as well as a small fireplace on the opposite wall that also made the space feel smaller. It felt very tight!


Minimalist Range Hood Design for Your Kitchen

Minimalist Range Hood Design, Contact Renovations blog

Here’s a great idea for your kitchen range hood design! Instead of making it a stand-out feature, you can go the minimal route and match your range hood with your kitchen cabinets. Check out the video below:

Today, I want to talk to you about minimalist range hood design. So often people want these big, fancy range hoods that become the feature in their kitchen. That’s a great option—but it’s not the only option! If you enjoy a more minimalist style, there are also range hood designs that fit that style.