Minimalist Range Hood Design for Your Kitchen

Minimalist Range Hood Design, Contact Renovations blog

Here’s a great idea for your kitchen range hood design! Instead of making it a stand-out feature, you can go the minimal route and match your range hood with your kitchen cabinets. Check out the video below:

Today, I want to talk to you about minimalist range hood design. So often people want these big, fancy range hoods that become the feature in their kitchen. That’s a great option—but it’s not the only option! If you enjoy a more minimalist style, there are also range hood designs that fit that style. Here are some options: 

Incorporate Your Range Hood into Your Cabinets

In this recent kitchen renovation that we completed, we have a very nice, elegant design where the range hood is built into the millwork. It showcases the beautiful colour of this cabinetry and becomes something that really just serves its purpose of enclosing the range fan itself.

So when you’re considering your kitchen design, I would say give this some thought. I think this is a really smart way to do it. If you have a smaller space it’s a great way to help make everything feel streamlined. 

kitchen range hood design, Contact Renovations blog

Consider a Retractable Downdraft Option

We have also had clients that want to go even more minimal than just incorporating the range hood into the cabinets! For example, these clients wanted their cooktop as part of their kitchen island, but they didn’t want a range hood hanging down over the island and obscuring the line-of-sight across the kitchen. 

In this case, we went with a retracting downdraft option. The downdraft fan comes up out of the island, providing ventilation and removal of kitchen odours while the cooking happens, and then it retracts down after the cooking is done. 

downdraft range hood, Contact Renovations blog

If you don’t like the look of a range hood suspended from your ceiling, this is a great option! You can get a view of how it works in our video here

kitchen range hood design, Contact Renovations blog

Range hoods are an important part of your kitchen renovation. A well-designed range hood will provide good ventilation to your kitchen, and remove moist and dirty air as you cook. But the right range hood can also complement the design of your kitchen. If you love the minimal and streamlined look of a modern kitchen, these are two options you can explore for your own space. 

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