Modernizing Your 1980s Home Exterior, Contact Renovations blog

Modernizing Your 1980s Home Exterior

So you live in a classic 1980s house, and you want to modernize the exterior? Check out this video for tips on how to modernize the outside of your home. The classic exterior features such as brick arches and five-panel bay windows can be altered to give a totally new look, and the bonus is that the updated version is lower maintenance.

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Level up Your Kitchen Renovation, Contact Renovations blog

Level up Your Kitchen Renovation

You may have a budget for your kitchen renovation in mind, but you can also invest a bit more in some areas to level up your kitchen. These details won’t add a huge amount to your budget in the overall scheme of things, but they will upgrade your kitchen and add an extra punch. Walk through this recent renovation project with me and see how these details really make this kitchen shine.

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the ultimate guide to kitchen renovation, Contact Renovations blog

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Renovation

So this is the year—the year you will actually bring that kitchen you’ve been dreaming about into reality. It’s time to renovate your kitchen and give it a fresh (and functional!) new look. But what do you need to know before you dive in? Keep reading for all the details you might not have considered about a kitchen renovation. Knowing these details will help you know what to talk to your contractor about.

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Kitchen Remodel Reveal, Contact Renovations blog

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

This kitchen was a u-shaped kitchen that got a full remodel to make it much more spacious! Watch the video for a full before and after, and keep reading for tips and ideas you can use from this kitchen project!

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Replace Your Entry Door: What You Need to Know, The Art of Renovation with Paul Foster

Replace Your Entry Door: What You Need to Know

So it’s time to give your home a new look, and replace that entry door. But what do you need to know about doors to be able to pick a good one? In this video, I go through the types of entry doors, or front doors, that you can choose, and what are the pros and cons of each type!

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Update Dated Home Entryway

Tips to Update a Dated Brick Arch Home Entryway

Want to update your home entryway? Your entryway is one of the first parts of your home that your guests will see, so you want it to look fresh and up-to-date. In this project, we wanted to keep some of the brick, while also giving the entryway a fresh look.

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add character to your home's exterior

Simple Ways to Add Character to Your Home’s Exterior

Here are a few simple ways to add character to your home exterior. You might be looking for ways to add a unique touch to the way your home looks. A full renovation might not be what you’re after—or maybe you already completed a reno, and you want to add few touches that express the style you and your family love. Well, here are a few ideas!

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Modernize Your Curb Appeal

How to Modernize Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Do you want to modernize the look of your home’s exterior? If you love your home but feel it is lacking in curb appeal, then these tips are for you! There are ways to improve the look of your home without spending a huge amount of money.

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Use Texture in Your Home Design

How to Use Texture in Your Home and Create a New Look!​

Thinking about a new look for your home this year? Try using texture in your home design! This design incorporates shelving, arches, millwork and wainscoting to create a unique look.

Amanda Lwanga, founder of Linger Design Studio, joins me, Paul Foster, to talk about this space that was created for the Vignettes Design Series Festival. She describes all the details that went into creating a textured, art-inspired atmosphere in this space.

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4 Affordable Home Design Elements That Won’t Break the Bank

4 Affordable Home Design Elements That Won’t Break the Bank

We’ve been talking a lot about home design, but the reality is, most of us have a budget! While we might splurge in some areas of home design, we can’t splurge on everything. Today I’m going to share four affordable home design elements that you can incorporate into your home without breaking the bank.

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50s-inspired Sustainable Home Design Ideas

50s-inspired Sustainable Home Design Ideas

Here’s some inspiration for how to decorate your home in a sustainable way, while still creating that 50s-inspired look you want. Thinking about sustainability when designing your home is becoming more and more popular each year, and vintage-inspired looks offer so many opportunities to reuse items and keep them out of landfills.

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upcycle to create and over-the-top eighties feel

Upcycling to Create an Over-the-Top Eighties Feel in Your Home

Do you love the over-the-top eighties look? Do you love upcycling? Here’s some inspiration for how to upcycle to create an over-the-top eighties look in your home.

Check out the mural, patterned floor, art and furniture in this space to feel inspired. The “postmodern” aesthetic of the eighties and nineties looks like it will be a big trend for 2022, and this space demonstrates a fresh way to bring the eighties into your home. Here’s some budget-friendly ways to get the look yourself.

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Mainfloor Renovation

Mainfloor Renovation Sneak Peek and Planning Tips

Here’s a sneak peek into a mainfloor renovation in progress. In this home, we’ve changed the layout of the entryway, living room, dining room, and kitchen to create a much more open feeling—as you can see from the “before” photos compared to this “in-progress” tour! Let this inspire you for how you can open up your mainfloor.

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Planning a home addition

What You Need to Know When Planning a Home Addition

So you’re dreaming of a home renovation, and you’re planning a home addition. What do you need to know before you start? Today I’m going to walk you through this renovation project that we’ve almost completed, and show you some of the things you should be thinking about, and planning for, to get that really remarkable home addition you dream of.

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How to bring the outdoors inside

How to Bring the Outdoors Inside with a 3-season Sunroom

Do you love the sun, and want more of it? Do you wonder how to bring the outdoors inside? Well, this family decided to built a 3-season sunroom that transitions from the yard to the house to create a beautiful open-concept space. Check out the Lexario folding door system we installed to open up to the greenery of the backyard. This is Edmonton (Canada), so we built this sunroom so it can be used in three, possibly four seasons! Stay tuned for more updates on this project, and learn about how you have bring the outdoors inside even in a colder climate:

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What to ask your contractor midway through a renovation

What to Ask Your Contractor Midway Through a Renovation

So your dream home is starting to take shape – now you might be wondering what to ask your contractor midway through a renovation. Today I’m going to walk you through this renovation project that we’ve almost completed, and show you some of the little things you should be checking and asking about before the finishing touches of your renovation are put in. Get a sneak peek at this really cool project this family has created for their home, and I’ll give you a few tips about what you should be looking at at this stage of your renovation.

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why are renovation quotes so drastically different

Why Are Renovation Quotes So Drastically Different?

If you’re planning a renovation and you get a bunch of different quotes from different contractors, you might wonder why they’re so different. Why are some so high, and some so low? How can you tell which quote is a fair quote, and which one might lead you to paying more in the end?

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