Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions, Contact Renovations blog

Looking for great kitchen cabinet organization solutions? I’ll demonstrate the cabinet pull-outs that we built into this recent kitchen renovation. It really makes the space more efficient and functional:

Today we’re talking about kitchen and cabinet storage solutions. These kitchen cabinet pull-outs offer some great storage solution options, improving efficiency within a smaller kitchen—or even a large one! 

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions, Contact Renovations blog

Above-the-Fridge Cabinet Pull-Out

That space above the fridge can be a challenge to get into. An above-the-fridge cabinet with a pull-out can make access to this storage space much easier. Adding that pull-out element adds more space to access the items and to retrieve them.


How to Use That Space Around Your Fireplace

How to Use That Space Around Your Fireplace, Contact Renovations blog

Wondering how to use that space around your fireplace to create a beautiful focal point? Here’s a unique design to inspire you:

How should you use that space around your fireplace? If you want to make this wall a focal point of your living room, there are several options. Traditional options include bookcases and cabinetry. Non-traditional options include floating shelves like in this recent renovation we just completed. Let’s explore the options:

Traditional Option 1: Bookcases

Bookcases are a great option if you have a collection of books or other objects you’d like to display on either side of the fireplace.


Creative Ideas for Lighting Around the Fireplace

Creative Ideas for Lighting Around the Fireplace, Contact Renovations

In this renovation, we decided to be creative with the lighting around the fireplace. The puck lighting in the asymmetrical floating shelves elevates the look of the whole room:

Today we’re talking about creative ways to use lighting in your renovation, and how to achieve a look like this renovation we recently completed. In this stunning design, we have a fireplace area with puck lighting integrated into these floating shelves on either side. And what a difference it makes with both the appearance, but also the function of the area! Here are some things to consider when adding lighting to your fireplace area.


Finishing Options for Your Fireplace

Finishing Options for Your Fireplace, Contact Renovations blog

How do you finish your fireplace so it looks up-to-date and elegant? You will want to consider finishing options for your fireplace, since it’s such a major feature in your room! Here is some inspiration:

If you’re renovating your home, you probably want to update your fireplace as well—or maybe you just added a new fireplace to your home and you’re wondering how to finish it so it becomes the focal point you’ve been dreaming about. Well, we have some tips for you. 

Choose a Classic Finish

Classic finishing options for fireplaces include tile, ledger stone, or even just an accent colour in paint.


Kitchen/Main Floor Renovation Reveal

Kitchen/Mainfloor Renovation Reveal, Contact Renovations blog

Renovating your kitchen and main floor is a major project, but it gives your whole home a new look. It can also improve the flow in your home. Check out this renovation we recently completed, and see how the new fireplace, open concept and expanded kitchen work together to create a great space:


Here are three inspirational ideas from this kitchen main floor renovation we just wrapped up:

Update Your Fireplace

A major feature of this main floor was the fireplace, but the previous fireplace was a large, multi-tiered unit that was kind of dated.


Whole Home Renovation Reveal: A Four-Level Split with a Midcentury Modern Vibe

Whole Home Renovation Reveal: A Four-Level Split with a Midcentury Modern Vibe, Contact Renovations blog

Check out the reveal of this whole home renovation to get ideas for giving a four-level split an updated midcentury modern vibe. We added a bathroom in the basement, improved the flow of the space in the main floor, upgraded the kitchen, and added an amazing sunroom to bring the outside in.

In the video above, I walk you through a whole home renovation project we recently wrapped up. All of us here at Contact Renovations are very proud of the results! We renovated three of the four levels of this four-level split, and we replaced the flooring trim and paint throughout the whole home.


Mainfloor Renovation Sneak Peek and Planning Tips

Mainfloor Renovation

Here’s a sneak peek into a mainfloor renovation in progress. In this home, we’ve changed the layout of the entryway, living room, dining room, and kitchen to create a much more open feeling—as you can see from the “before” photos compared to this “in-progress” tour! Let this inspire you for how you can open up your mainfloor. This renovation project also includes adding an addition, which also will give the family more space:

Here’s a few things to think about if you’re dreaming of a mainfloor renovation in your home.

It’s Not Necessarily Cheaper to Renovation Room-by-Room

One common belief that is not necessarily true is that you will save money if you renovate one room at a time.