The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Renovation

the ultimate guide to kitchen renovation, Contact Renovations blog
So this is the year—the year you will actually bring that kitchen you’ve been dreaming about into reality. It’s time to renovate your kitchen and give it a fresh (and functional!) new look. But what do you need to know before you dive in? Keep reading for all the details you might not have considered about a kitchen renovation. Knowing these details will help you know what to talk to your contractor about. I’ve covered a lot of these topics on the blog before, so there will be lots of links to resources and videos as well.

Creating an Open Concept Kitchen: 3 Tips to Open it Up

3 tips for creating your open concpet kitchen

Three Tips for Creating an Open Concept Kitchen

Dreaming of opening up your kitchen to the rest of your home?  Let me show you three tips that you should think about when creating your open concept kitchen:

If you’re planning to open up your kitchen space, there are some things you should consider before you get too far into the process!

Appliances for Your Open Concept Kitchen:

The first thing you should consider are your appliances, and there are two things to keep in mind here. The first is your appliance layout.


How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Larger

how to make a small kitchen feel larger

How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Larger

Have a small kitchen and wonder what you can do to make it feel larger? Let me show you three tips that really help your kitchen feel more spacious. These are simple things you can think of in any type of kitchen renovation, and they will really make the difference:

Three Tips to Consider to Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger

Consider lighter colours. This can mean lighter coloured cabinets, a lighter backsplash, or lighter colours on the walls. You can still incorporate quite a bit of colour, as we did with the blue in the kitchen in the video above.


The Benefit of Adding a Toe Kick Vacuum in Your Kitchen (AKA toe kick sweep, vacuum pan, vac pan)

toe kick vacuum benefits header

The Benefit of Adding a Toe Kick Vacuum in Your Kitchen

It’s the little details that make your kitchen renovation stand out—and here’s a detail you may not have thought of adding! Adding a toe kick vacuum will make cleaning your new kitchen that much easier. What is a toe kick vacuum? Here I demonstrate one that I recently installed during a kitchen renovation:

Makes sweeping look easy, doesn’t it? Toe kick vacuums are also known as toe kick sweeps, kick sweepers, toe kick sweepers, and vacuum pans—but it doesn’t matter what they’re called, they’re a great feature to add!