Spa-Like Small Bathroom Inspiration

Spa-Like Small Bathroom Inspiration, Contact Renovations blog

Looking for those spa-like vibes but have a small bathroom? Check out this spa-like small bathroom for inspiration. Custom tilework, curbless shower and other unique touches make this bathroom stand out.

Let’s talk about renovating a small bathroom. In this recent renovation, we had an objective to create a spa-like feel in a bathroom that was really small. Previously this bathroom only had a walk-in shower, a toilet and a pedestal sink. First of all, we enlarged its footprint, which did take a fair bit of work to move over a lot of the mechanical and plumbing.


Door Options For Limited Space

Door Options For Limited Space, Contact Renovations blog

Sometimes there’s just no room for a swinging door—this is when other door options come in! In one of our recent renovations, we incorporated a barn door in the basement renovation and it was a great choice. Watch the video below to see how it works in the space! Or read on to learn about more door options.

So you have limited space but you’d like a door. What are your options? In this basement renovation, the clients wanted a door at the bottom of the stairs to prevent drafts and increase privacy.


Basement Renovation Reveal!

Basement Renovation Reveal! Contact Renovations blog

Basement Renovation Reveal

Check out this basement renovation reveal for inspiration that you can use in your own basement project. From the barn door to the spa-like bathroom to the compact laundry room, it has all the practical features you need.

Today we’re talking about small basements! Come take a tour of this basement we just finished renovating—a smaller space, but really packs a real punch. You’ll get some great inspiration for what you can do in your own basement renovation. 

Go All-out to Create a Spa-like Small Bathroom

Just because it’s a basement, you don’t need to tone down the kind of bathroom you want.


Benefits of a Folding Window System

Benefits of a Folding Window System, Contact Renovations blog

If you want to open up your kitchen to the outdoors, to another room, or to a covered deck, you might want to consider a folding window system like this one! We installed this window between this clients’ renovated kitchen and their new 3-season sunroom. It makes it easy to serve and entertain guests in the sunroom right from the kitchen!

Today, I want to show you a really cool upgrade to consider when planning your renovation—a folding window system! What’s the benefit of having a window system that you can slide open and closed like this one?


Benefits of a Downdraft Range Hood

Benefits of a Downdraft Range Hood, Contact Renovations blog

If you don’t want a range hood suspended from your kitchen ceiling, consider installing a downdraft range hood instead. Want to see a downdraft range hood in action? Check out the video below, and learn all about it.

Today, let’s talk about options for your range hood venting. What’s the benefits of a downdraft range hood? Well, there’s a few benefits:

A More Streamlined, Open Concept Look

When it comes to range hood design, a lot of people like to have ceiling-mounted range hoods. These can be hoods installed underneath their kitchen cabinets, or be chimney-style hoods that are suspended from the ceiling, but either way, they add visual weight to a space.


How to Reconfigure Your Space

How to Reconfigure Your Space, Contact Renovations blog

If you’re living in a home with lots of closed-off rooms, you might want to improve the flow from one area to another. Here are some tips for how to reconfigure your space, from a recent main floor renovation we just completed. Opening up the walls between the rooms really gave this home a better flow.

So you want to know more about reconfiguring your space to achieve a more open concept, and to maximize the flow of your space. Here are some ideas to consider.

Remove Walls

Open Concept, Contact Renovations PortfolioRemoving walls is probably your first thought when you think about reconfiguring your space.


Mainfloor Renovation Sneak Peek and Planning Tips

Mainfloor Renovation

Here’s a sneak peek into a mainfloor renovation in progress. In this home, we’ve changed the layout of the entryway, living room, dining room, and kitchen to create a much more open feeling—as you can see from the “before” photos compared to this “in-progress” tour! Let this inspire you for how you can open up your mainfloor. This renovation project also includes adding an addition, which also will give the family more space:

Here’s a few things to think about if you’re dreaming of a mainfloor renovation in your home.

It’s Not Necessarily Cheaper to Renovation Room-by-Room

One common belief that is not necessarily true is that you will save money if you renovate one room at a time.


What You Need to Know When Planning a Home Addition

Planning a home addition

So you’re dreaming of a home renovation, and you’re planning a home addition. What do you need to know before you start? Today I’m going to walk you through this renovation project that we’ve almost completed, and show you some of the things you should be thinking about, and planning for, to get that really remarkable home addition you dream of:

If you’re planning an addition for your home, you want to make sure you talk to your designer or your contractor to make sure you incorporate everything that is truly important to you in this new space.


How to Bring the Outdoors Inside with a 3-season Sunroom

How to bring the outdoors inside

How to Bring the Outdoors Inside With a 3-season Sunroom

Do you wonder how to bring the outdoors inside? Well, this family decided to build a 3-season sunroom that transitions from the yard to the house to create a beautiful open-concept space. Check out the Lexario folding door system we installed to open up to the greenery of the backyard.

We built this sunroom so it can be used in three, possibly four seasons! Take a look and learn about how you can bring the outdoors inside even in a colder climate:

Here in Edmonton it’s beginning to feel a bit chilly—winter is in the air!


What to Ask Your Contractor Midway Through a Renovation

What to ask your contractor midway through a renovation

So your dream home is starting to take shape—and now you might be wondering what to ask your contractor midway through a renovation. Today I’m going to walk you through this renovation project that we’ve almost completed, and show you some of the little things you should be checking and asking about before the finishing touches of your renovation are put in. Get a sneak peek at this really cool project this family has created for their home, and I’ll give you a few tips about what you should be looking at at this stage of your renovation:

You know what to ask when you’re looking for a contractor to hire (or, if you don’t, check out our resources here and here).