The Art of Renovation – How to Create Emotion in a Room

Contact Renovations How to Create Emotion in a Room

Welcome back to the The Art of Renovation with Paul Foster. This is the third and final video that we filmed on locations at the 2019 Vignettes Design Series in downtown Edmonton (if you missed the first two video you can find them here).  

In this video Paul comes to you from the Gatsby Room to tell you about design elements that will create an emotion in your space. 

Create a Space You Can Feel

Something to be aware of when making your decorating decisions is how you can go about creating a mood or emotion within the space. 


The Art of Renovation: Using Repurposed Material to Make Your Custom Renovation Unique

Welcome to the first episode of The Art of Renovation with Paul Foster, a new home renovation vlog from Contact Renovations.

In our first episode we went live at the Ritchie Market in Edmonton to talk about how using repurposed material can enhance the look and feel of your home.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes when renovating or making less dynamic changes to the look of your home, you can’t quite seem to find that perfect material to make it your dream space.

If you think outside the box and use repurposed material, you can create something really unique and add a wow-factor to your space.