The Art of Renovation – How to Create Emotion in a Room

Contact Renovations How to Create Emotion in a Room

Welcome back to the The Art of Renovation with Paul Foster. This is the third and final video that we filmed on locations at the 2019 Vignettes Design Series in downtown Edmonton (if you missed the first two video you can find them here).  

In this video Paul comes to you from the Gatsby Room to tell you about design elements that will create an emotion in your space. 

Create a Space You Can Feel

Something to be aware of when making your decorating decisions is how you can go about creating a mood or emotion within the space.  You will find that the choices you make in many of your decorating aspects will help you go beyond just making a room comfortable.

Give Your Space Emotional Content

The “Gatsby Room,” from this year’s Vignettes Design Series, is a great example of how you can create a definite mood or emotion through your decorating choices.  The use of dark colours and choice of lighting fixtures are accented by the metallic, geometric designs in the bar cabinet, creating a warm, cozy environment with that art deco feel to it.  You can’t help but picture yourself sitting down with a scotch or a cocktail and maybe a nice cigar.

Check out this video and see if it gives you any ideas about renovations you might want to make in your home, then come in and talk to us at Contact Renovations.  

We’d love to talk to you about turning your ideas into a reality!

The Gatsby Room at Vignettes 2019

Photo Credit: @VignettesYEG

Here’s a list of the designers, makers and builders that came together to create this beautiful space designed for Vignettes Design Series 2019.

The Gatsby Room

Urban Granite

Park Lighting

Designs by Bob

All Weather Windows Revington

Contact Renovations

Iron River Surfaces

Divine Flooring

Mojo Design

Cloverdale Paint

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