Kitchen Sink Solutions for a Small Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Solutions for a Small Kitchen, Contact Renovations blog

Have a small kitchen and feeling a bit cramped on space? Finding it hard to keep things around your sink organized? One solution is to upgrade your kitchen sink! Check out these kitchen sink solutions in the video below:

What are your options to upgrade your kitchen sink for better organization? Today, we’re talking about creative kitchen workplace solutions.

Upgrade Your Sink

You can go with a regular sink—or go with a sink that can be endlessly configured to give you different options! The sink in the video above is from the Kohler Trinsic line, and it comes with a whole host of options:

Integrated Cutting Board

Kitchen Sink Solutions, Kohler Trinsic line, Contact Renovations blog

An integrated cutting board gives you that extra counter space that is sometimes so necessary.


Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions, Contact Renovations blog

Looking for great kitchen cabinet organization solutions? I’ll demonstrate the cabinet pull-outs that we built into this recent kitchen renovation. It really makes the space more efficient and functional:

Today we’re talking about kitchen and cabinet storage solutions. These kitchen cabinet pull-outs offer some great storage solution options, improving efficiency within a smaller kitchen—or even a large one! 

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions, Contact Renovations blog

Above-the-Fridge Cabinet Pull-Out

That space above the fridge can be a challenge to get into. An above-the-fridge cabinet with a pull-out can make access to this storage space much easier. Adding that pull-out element adds more space to access the items and to retrieve them.


How to Use That Space Around Your Fireplace

How to Use That Space Around Your Fireplace, Contact Renovations blog

Wondering how to use that space around your fireplace to create a beautiful focal point? Here’s a unique design to inspire you:

How should you use that space around your fireplace? If you want to make this wall a focal point of your living room, there are several options. Traditional options include bookcases and cabinetry. Non-traditional options include floating shelves like in this recent renovation we just completed. Let’s explore the options:

Traditional Option 1: Bookcases

Bookcases are a great option if you have a collection of books or other objects you’d like to display on either side of the fireplace.


Creative Ideas for Lighting Around the Fireplace

Creative Ideas for Lighting Around the Fireplace, Contact Renovations

In this renovation, we decided to be creative with the lighting around the fireplace. The puck lighting in the asymmetrical floating shelves elevates the look of the whole room:

Today we’re talking about creative ways to use lighting in your renovation, and how to achieve a look like this renovation we recently completed. In this stunning design, we have a fireplace area with puck lighting integrated into these floating shelves on either side. And what a difference it makes with both the appearance, but also the function of the area! Here are some things to consider when adding lighting to your fireplace area.


Finishing Options for Your Fireplace

Finishing Options for Your Fireplace, Contact Renovations blog

How do you finish your fireplace so it looks up-to-date and elegant? You will want to consider finishing options for your fireplace, since it’s such a major feature in your room! Here is some inspiration:

If you’re renovating your home, you probably want to update your fireplace as well—or maybe you just added a new fireplace to your home and you’re wondering how to finish it so it becomes the focal point you’ve been dreaming about. Well, we have some tips for you. 

Choose a Classic Finish

Classic finishing options for fireplaces include tile, ledger stone, or even just an accent colour in paint.


Your Guide to Your Home Exterior Renovation

Exterior Renovation Guide, Contact Renovations blog

If your home exterior is beginning to look dated, this is the guide for you. Here are all the upgrades you should consider to update the look of your home AND improve its performance. Check out the recent exterior renovation we completed in the video below, or read on for more!

If you want to update the look of your home exterior, here are some areas to consider:


When doing an exterior renovation, you have an opportunity to upgrade your insulation! Many of these older homes, such as the 80s home featured in the video above, are framed with 2×4 walls, which don’t leave much space for insulation within the wall cavity.


Modernizing Your 1980s Home Exterior

Modernizing Your 1980s Home Exterior, Contact Renovations blog

So you live in a classic 1980s house, and you want to modernize the exterior? Check out this video for tips on how to modernize the outside of your home. The classic exterior features such as brick arches and five-panel bay windows can be altered to give a totally new look, and the bonus is that the updated version is lower maintenance. 

Let me show you how we modernized the look of this 1980s home. It’s similar to some other exterior projects we’re done before, so if you want to know more about removing the brick arches, upcycling old brick, choosing a new front door, or selecting a new garage door, check out our previous posts on these topics:


Low Maintenance High Quality Wood Alternatives

Low Maintenance High Quality Wood Alternatives for Your Exterior Reno, Contact Renovations blog

Low Maintenance High Quality Wood Alternatives for Your Exterior Renovation

The look of natural wood is absolutely beautiful, but it can require maintenance. There are other options! Here are some low maintenance wood alternatives to consider when doing an exterior renovation:

So why would you choose something besides wood? Look, natural wood is a beautiful product, but it requires a lot of ongoing maintenance and that’s not for everyone. So in this recent exterior renovation we completed, we incorporated some products that look like wood, but they’re not. And they require very little maintenance on an ongoing basis. 


Should You UpCycle Exterior Brick?

Should You UpCycle Exterior Brick? Contact Renovations blog

So you have exterior brick, and you want to change the look of your house but keep some of the brick. What are the pros and cons when you upcycle this brick? Watch this video for more information on how the process went for this exterior renovation project:

This eighties home is a recent renovation we completed, where we removed the old brick arches and renovated the exterior to give it a far more modern appearance. I showed you a few features like this in a similar renovation we completed this year, but in this project I want to talk about the pros and cons when you upcycle brick. 


Level up Your Kitchen Renovation

Level up Your Kitchen Renovation, Contact Renovations blog

Level up Your Kitchen Renovation - Have You Considered Upgrading These Details?

You may have a budget for your kitchen renovation in mind, but you can also invest a bit more in some areas to level up your kitchen. These details won’t add a huge amount to your budget in the overall scheme of things, but they will upgrade your kitchen and add an extra punch. Walk through this recent renovation project with me and see how these details really make this kitchen shine:

A major consideration for many people who are considering a kitchen renovation is budget.