What to Know About Kitchen Lighting Layouts

What to Know About Kitchen Lighting Layouts, Contact Renovations blog

If you’ve ever worked in a poorly-lit kitchen, you know how important kitchen lighting is. In this video, I talk about kitchen lighting layouts and considerations – what types of lighting you should consider, and how to pick a lighting layout that gives light to all of your kitchen. Check it out:

Let’s chat about planning your lighting in your kitchen. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, or any other home renovation for that matter, lighting is a key component. So here are some tips: 

Focus Light on Where You Need It

You need light in your kitchen.


Electrical Planning Tips and Lighting Inspiration: The Art of Renovation LIVE!

Electrical planning and lighting inspiration The Art of Renovation LIVE!

Electrical Planning and Lighting Inspiration For Your Home

Everyone loves a well-lit home, right? A jaw-dropping light fixture in an entryway, bathroom lighting that sets to your mood, and under cabinet lighting for the ultimate cooking environment: a recipe for spot on interior lighting.

So how do you get there? With a good team and clear electrical planning, that’s how! In this episode of The Art of Renovation LIVE! Paul Foster and Neil King cover everything you need to know about electrical planning for your home renovation. What electrical codes to follow, where to install outlets, how to choose the right light fixtures, and of course, common mistakes to avoid.