Benefits of a Folding Window System

Benefits of a Folding Window System, Contact Renovations blog

If you want to open up your kitchen to the outdoors, to another room, or to a covered deck, you might want to consider a folding window system like this one! We installed this window between this clients’ renovated kitchen and their new 3-season sunroom. It makes it easy to serve and entertain guests in the sunroom right from the kitchen!

Today, I want to show you a really cool upgrade to consider when planning your renovation—a folding window system! What’s the benefit of having a window system that you can slide open and closed like this one? Here are three reasons:

Serve and Entertain in the Next Room—Or Even to the Outdoors!

Serve and entertain into the next room, or outdoors, Contact Renovation blogs

In this case, this family wanted to serve and entertain from the kitchen to the adjacent space. This happens to be an addition we built for them, but this could be to your deck or any other room in your home. Think about how convenient this could be. If you are in the kitchen prepping food, and your guests are outside, you can still interact with them, and hand food and dishes in and out. 

When it’s wide open, there’s a nine-foot unobstructed view, and space through which you can serve and entertain. There’s a little bar area on the other side, so it’s great for entertaining, and really helps to open up the space to the connecting room or to the outside. 

And when it’s time to shut it down, whether it be weather dependent or you’re done entertaining and you want just a space again for your family that’s kind of cozy, you can just pull the window closed again.

Increase Light and Openness to the Outdoors

Folding window system, Contact Renovations blogThe second benefit is the amount of light the window allows in, and not just the amount of light, but the amount of openness to the outdoors. While this particular window opens into a sunroom, that sunroom can also be opened up to the yard in nice weather, creating this transitional space between the house and the yard that allows the fresh air to flow through. In contrast to typical smaller kitchen window you might have to crank open, this wide opening provides airiness and freshness to the kitchen.

Open concept kitchen with a downdrraft range hood, Contact Renovations blog

And even when it is closed, the size of it means that lots of light will flow through it!

There you have it, a folding window system is a great option for you to consider. So when you’re planning your renovation, you know, talk to your general contractor about the options that you have available because they can really be a game-changer for your space.

If you have any questions, reach out to us here at Contact Renovation and Custom Homes. We’d love to help you bring your dream kitchen to life.

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