10 Things You Must Know to Plan Your Basement Renovation: The Art of Renovation LIVE!

Tips to plan your basement renovation

How to Plan Your Basement Renovation the Right Way, the First Time

Welcome back to The Art of Renovation LIVE, where home renovation expert Paul Foster talks about the details of high quality renovation. Each episode welcomes a new special guest from the field and focuses on a different area of renovation, giving you the trade secrets of home improvement and design! No matter what type of renovation you’re planning, Paul and his fellow experts have advice that will ensure you get the renovation you’ve been dreaming about.

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In this episode, Paul gives his list of 10 MUST-knows to plan your basement renovation. His list will give you information you didn’t even know you needed about the do’s and don’ts of basement renovations, and will get you on track to make your basement renovation perfect – the first time.

Please enjoy!

Episode Show Notes

02:54 – Do I need a development permit to renovate my basement? What permits do I need to renovate my basement? Basement renovation permits. 

04:54 – Basement development floor plans. Is it legal to have a kitchen in the basement? Is it legal to have a fireplace in the basement? 

08:24 – How to frame a basement. How to insulate a basement. Basement framing basics. Framing interior basement walls. 

09:44 – How to finish the ceiling frame in a basement. How to frame a basement ceiling. 

10:50 – Different types of insulation. Frost wall insulation in basement. Spray foam insulation. Sound insulation in a basement. How to soundproof your basement. Which insulation is best for soundproofing? 

12:00 – How to accommodate plumbing in a basement renovation. 

13:15 – How to run electrical wire through an unfinished basement. Electrical upgrades for basement renovations. How to wire a basement remodel. Aluminum framing versus wood framing and electrical wiring. 

16:15 – Pot lights in a basement. Basement lighting. Lighting for basement. LED pot lights. Basement renovation lighting grid. What are the best lighting fixtures for basements. How to light your basement. How to light your basement naturally. 

18:25 – How to mount a basement TV. Where to put wires for a wall mounted TV. How to wire a TV over a fireplace. 

19:48 – Heated tile flooring. Heated basement flooring. How to heat your basement tile. Can you put a heated floor in a basement? 

22:57 – HVAC permit requirements. HVAC permit Edmonton. HVAC system inspection. Can a homeowner install an HVAC system? HVAC system for basement. Do basements need air return? Where should air returns be located in a basement? How to get cold air out of your basement. 

34:35 – How to make a basement floor plan. 

36:38 – Backwater valve for basements. Where should a backwater valve be located for a basement? Tankless hot water heaters. Hot water tanks for basements. What is the best hot water tank for a basement? 

38:00 – Plumbing fixtures for basement bathroom. 

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