How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter: Top 10 Things to Consider

How to get your home ready for winter

We can feel the crisp air quickly approaching us, and whether you’re dreading it or jumping with excitement, there’s one thing we can all agree on: it’s time to get your home ready for winter!

Paul put together this checklist of the top 10 things to consider when getting your home ready for winter, to ensure it’s safe inside and out! He went live on our Instagram page and gave his top 10 tips. Here’s the replay on our YouTube channel

By the way, if you have questions about how to get your home ready for winter get in touch. We are always happy to help! 

If you aren’t prepared to take on these tasks alone, or if your needs are on a smaller scale, make a service call to your local handyman who can take care of most of the items on this list for you. If you’re in the Edmonton area, we recommend Handyman Connection.

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

1. Prune Your Trees

Any tree overhang that is landing on your house can cause a number of issues during snowfall season including roof damage, accidents and injuries, and water blockage. 

tree pruning

2. Clean Your Gutters

In the coming months, you will likely notice that your gutters will get clogged with leaves. Cleaning your gutters will allow them to function properly and you will avoid any damage or flooding issues.

3. Fill Any Cracks In Your Driveway or Sidewalk

Not only are visible cracks in your driveway and sidewalk an eye sore and irritating, they will worsen throughout the winter season! Once water makes it way into the crack, it will freeze and cause the crack to expand and grow. 

How to fix driveway cracks

4. Fix Sealing Issues In Your Windows And Doors

Who wants to feel a cool winter breeze coming in through their windows and doors? Not us! Avoid dealing with this in the middle of winter and check the seals on all of your windows and doors ahead of time.  

5. Assess Your Insulation

Completing an insulation assessment throughout your home will save you from issues such as ice damming or attic rain. 

For tips on everything you need to know about insulation in your home, check out our interview with insulation expert, Bobby Franklin of Details Insulation in Edmonton

6. Repair Your Roof

If you can see that your roof is in need of repair, make sure you address this before the first snowfall. 

Some things to be on the lookout for on your roof include:

  • Curled or cracked shingles
  • Shingle fragments in the gutter
  • Attic leakage
  • Sagging roof
roof repairs

7. Repair Your Deck And Fence

It is quite difficult to work on your deck or fence after the first snowfall. If you make use of your deck in the winter months, ensure that any issues with your deck boards are addressed and fixed! 

8. Assess Your Landscape

This is one project that you won’t be able to fix during the winter season even if you try! If you have any issues with the landscaping around your home, make sure this is fixed before the first snowfall to avoid costly measures that you’ll have to take after the winter season. 

9. Check Your Hose Bibb

If your outdoor faucet is dripping or leaking during the colder months, you will experience freezing issues that are hard to fix. We recommend that our homeowners use a frost-free hose bibb. This type of hose bibb won’t freeze up and burst when the cold weather hits. 

frost free hose bibb

10. Blow Your Irrigation Lines

If you have a built-in sprinkler system for your home, make sure you blow out these lines before the cold weather hits. Blowing out your irrigation lines will make your life easier when you go to water your lawn for the first time post-winter season! 

BONUS TIP: Winterize Your RV

All it takes is one freeze to cause issues with your water lines, your drain lines, and more! Set your summer up for success by winterizing your RV now. 

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