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A Kitchen Renovation Story

Considering a kitchen renovation? That’s great news! We guarantee you aren’t short on kitchen inspiration pictures and ideas on how to design your dream kitchen. But what about all the stuff that comes before? The stuff no one talks about from their kitchen renovation story. The planning, the mistakes and the multiple steps involved. 

In this episode of The Art of Renovation LIVE! Paul interviews New York City homeowner and Celebrity Ghost Writer, Stephanie Krikorian as she shares her kitchen renovation story. The good, the bad and the beautiful – she leaves nothing out. 

If a kitchen renovation is on your wish list this year, this episode will let you in on the mind of a homeowner and prepare you for all the decisions you’ll need to make. Was Stephanie’s self-managed remodel a success? Watch to find out! 

Episode Show Notes

If you’re curious about what a kitchen renovation is really like, Stephanie’s honest renovation story covers it all. Between being the project lead and decision maker, to living through the entire renovation, Stephanie shares advice and prepares homeowners for what to expect when diving into a kitchen project.

What she enjoyed about the process, where she went wrong, and what caused her the most grief (hint, hint: that gorgeous tile flooring took a journey of its own). Planning, design, and inspiration: all the things we love are tied into this episode. 

2:00 – Stephanie’s background

4:00 – Struggles with starting a renovation project

7:40 – How Stephanie decided on a kitchen renovation

8:00 – Before picture of Stephanie’s kitchen

10:00 – The first step of this kitchen renovation project

13:55 – After picture of Stephanie’s kitchen

14:15 – What is the process of renovating a kitchen? Who do you contact first about a kitchen remodel? 

15:40 – The Contact Renovations system. How we manage renovation projects

17:10 – How to find what home style you love

19:40 – How your contractor can help you design your kitchen

20:00 – How to pick the right backsplash for your kitchen

21:00 – Making a kitchen layout practical 

21:48 – Stephanie’s book 

23:47 – Can you live in your house while it’s being renovated? How to live through a renovation

27:00 – What to do when you notice a mistake in your renovation project

27:30 – What is the tile installation process like? 

30:00 – Dealing with last minute design changes

32:45 – How to find a contractor for a kitchen renovation

36:50 – Stephanie’s favourite part of her kitchen renovation journey

40:00 – How to install floating shelves in your kitchen

42:15 – Inspiration pictures of Stephanie’s final kitchen renovation 

46:20 – Stephanie’s kitchen renovation tips and warnings. What she wishes she did with her kitchen design

48:00 – How to pick your kitchen appliances to fit well

55:00 – Episode overview

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