Kitchen Appliances Episode: The Art of Renovation LIVE!

What are the best kitchen appliances

How to Choose Your Kitchen Appliances

We often see homeowners struggle to choose their kitchen appliances. At what point in your renovation process should you start looking for appliances? And how do you even begin to choose between everything that’s out there? This video will shed some light on kitchen appliances and make your renovation planning a little less stressful! 

Welcome back to The Art of Renovation LIVE, where home renovation expert Paul Foster talks with with other highly respected professionals about the details of high quality renovation. Each episode focuses on a different area of renovation and gives you the trade secrets of home improvement and design. No matter what type of renovation you’re planning, Paul and his special guests have advice that will ensure you get the renovation you’ve been dreaming about.

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In this episode of The Art of Renovation LIVE, Paul Foster is joined by special guest Jerry Giesbrecht. Jerry is the owner of Avenue Appliance in Edmonton, Alberta, and he is here to give some much needed guidance about what to put on your kitchen appliance check list. Over the years we’ve found that kitchen appliances are the key issue for homeowners who are trying to plan out their kitchen renovation. Watch as Paul and Jerry discuss how you should choose your appliances! 

Episode Show Notes

06:45 – Should all kitchen appliances match? Do my kitchen appliances need to all match each other? Should all kitchen appliances be the same brand? How to match your kitchen appliances.

09:30 – What is the best vacuum brand? Are Dyson vacuums the best? What type of vacuum has the best reviews? What brands of vacuums are bagless? 

12:55 – What are the different types of kitchen renovations? Types of kitchen remodels. Small scale kitchen renovations. 

14:40 – How to install a gas cooktop stove. Do you need new gas lines for a gas stove? 

17:00 – How to find the right fridge size for your kitchen. What to do when your fridge sticks out too far. 

19:15 – What are the different type of kitchen fridge designs? Hidden fridge. Fully integrated fridge. Panel fridge design. Modern fridge design inspiration. Bottom out fridge options. 

21:15 – What are the best kitchen appliance brands? 

24:15 – Is it common to have a gap between a range and the wall? What to do if there is a gap between your range and wall. 

27:40 – At what point in your kitchen renovation should you choose your appliances? 

30:00 – The difference between proud and flush kitchen appliances. 

33:00 – Kitchen range hood options. Type of range hoods for kitchens. How to install a range hood in your kitchen. Downdraft range hood units. Wall mounted range hoods. Built in range hoods. How to choose a range hood for your kitchen. 

43:40 – Types of kitchen fridges. Bio fresh fridge options. Fridge freezer door options. 

48:00 – Range top versus cook top. 

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