Our company comes equipped with a preferred network of professionals which includes architects and designers. Having already built a successful work relationship with our vendors, they are well versed in our company’s commitment to accountability and best practices.

If a Client has a designer or architect they would prefer to use, we will gladly incorporate them into the project as long as they meet basic criteria regarding industry and operating standards.

Typically, once a contract is signed the Client makes a deposit to commence mobilization of the project. The deposit is used to cover the cost of services and materials purchasing required to complete the first phase of the project. Clients can rest assured that their deposits are protected as Contact Renovations & Custom Homes maintains a Prepaid Contractor’s Licence. This means that the Client’s deposit is fully insured if the project does not take place due to contractor malfeasance.

A contract is further broken down into milestone payments. Depending on the size of the project, there will be scheduled payments that are based on a certain scope of work to be completed. When the predetermined scope of work at each phase is completed, payment is to be issued to the company and a copy of the paid invoice forwarded to the Client. The final milestone payment of any project is the 10% holdback. This figure is based on the entire contract price, and is to be released to the company upon completion of the project to the Client’s satisfaction.

The price of a renovation is dependent on many different factors such as the size of the space being renovated, the grade of finishings/materials/hardware desired, the amount of demolition involved, as well as specialty services that may be required outside of the scope of work ie. Asbestos abatement or engineering costs.

As a renovation company who specializes in custom work and wow factor, kitchen renovations typically start at the $65,000 mark, and bathrooms at $15,000. These prices can easily fluctuate up or down depending on the factors mentioned above and the desires of the Client.

Once materials are produced and/or sourced and the permitting process complete, the average kitchen renovation takes approximately 3 months from start to finish. Bathroom renovations take a shorter time on average, but the timeline is always dependent on the scope of work involved and can fluctuate.

Many projects require permissions from the municipality and/or Safety Codes authority and can take up to 6-8 weeks to complete. This should be considered when planning the timeline of your renovation project. Depending on the materials chosen, sourcing and delivery may also add to project start-up time. Materials often need to be customized to your project and thus require time to produce and fabricate.

Before any project begins, a project supervisor will visit the site to confirm details such as parking as part of our Site Orientation. If driveway parking is not available from the Client, we ensure there is alternative parking available such as on the roadway, and always in accordance with municipal parking bylaws.

Our aim is to create as little disturbance to your life as possible. During our Site Orientation and through discussions with our Clients, we outline certain areas that are off-limits to our workers. These are areas of the homes or project site where Clients can rest assured they have reprieve from the work being completed. We do our best to accommodate the needs and requests of Clients to best serve them throughout the renovation process and keep work confined to business hours only.

There is rarely a need to move out of property completely when a project is underway, though some residents find it more convenient to do so. Some shuffling throughout the duration of a large scale project may be required, but generally a family is able to stay in their home. During exceptionally large projects there may be a need for residents to vacate the premises while work is being conducted. We understand how inconvenient this can be and maintain open lines of communication with our Clients and Sub-trades, as well as adhere to solid timelines in order to keep these circumstances to a bare minimum.

Most pets are fine staying home during a renovation. During our Site Orientation, we take note of any pets present and what areas of the home they have access to throughout the renovation project. Workers on site have access to this information and are asked to avoid these areas where possible.

The amount of people or crews that may be on site during a renovation is dependent on the scope of work and the task at hand. We aim to create as little disturbance to your life as possible during a project. We use innovative software called CoConstruct to communicate with both our Clients and our Sub-trades and this allows us to schedule work to be done in a streamlined and orderly fashion. All workers can view a live schedule of the project. This helps reduce overlap of trades as well as noise and disruption for the homeowner.

Everything. When you move beyond our rough estimate pricing and enter into a Design Agreement with our company, you are entering into a contract-ready price that has factored in material and finishings selections, meetings with sub-trades as well as an Interior Designer to ensure your selections flow from room to room. Your Design Agreement covers the permitting process that takes place even before work commences, right through to garbage removal and professional cleaners at the end. A contract-ready quote is meant to provide you with the transparency you deserve and the peace of mind you want during a renovation project.

Contact Renovations & Custom Homes maintains an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau, a complete 5 star rating on Houzz.com, a 5 star rating on our Facebook page, and many, many positive reviews and references provided by our happy clients over the last 9 years.

We believe in surrounding ourselves with the best workers in the industry, the best vendors in business, and the best materials available for a project. It’s why many consider us the best in what we do.

There is no need. We have a ‘tidy as you go’ policy and leave the work area as clean as possible at the end of a hard day’s work. Additionally, included in your contracted price are the services of professional cleaners to ensure we leave no trace behind. Please note that furnace and duct cleaning is not included in the post-project clean, though we are more than happy to facilitate this service for you.

Absolutely. Each renovation and construction project is assigned a Project Supervisor who is tasked to handle any issues or questions that may arise. We welcome open dialogue with Clients, and encourage you to utilize our easy-to-use software to help keep you abreast of project developments.

We are fully insured with a $5,000,000 Commercial Liability policy. Additionally, we are covered by the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta.

There is generally no need to hire anyone else for your project outside of us. Our goal is to be your one stop shop for a beautiful and successful renovation project.

Because you love your home. When it comes time for you to create your perfect space; to complete your dream project; or to bring your well-lived and loved home back to modern times, you want industry leaders with the technique, experience, and innovation to match your desire for quality and craftsmanship. From big projects to small, we are dedicated to a finished product that our team of professionals would be proud to call their own.

If you want the best, you deserve Contact Renovations & Custom Homes.

We are thrilled to win a 2024 CHBA Edmonton Excellence in Housing award!