5 Ways to Brighten a Dark Condo Kitchen: The Art of Renovation With Paul Foster

Condo kitchen lighting tips

How to Brighten a Kitchen

Do you feel a sudden decrease in your energy the minute you step foot in your dark, closed-off kitchen? This is a common struggle for condo owners. We’ve had condo owners come to us with concerns about whether or not they’ll ever be able to update their space and make it the kitchen of their dreams. And our response? You can certainly transform a condo kitchen! 

In this video, Paul Foster gives an inside look at a condo renovation we did and he shows exactly how you can brighten a kitchen with some upgrades! Watch the video or read on for Paul’s design ideas that will bring life back to your kitchen. 

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Condo Kitchen Lighting Upgrade Ideas

This Ramsay Heights condo had a number of issues that the client desperately wanted to change. The kitchen was closed off and poorly lit. It felt very small and the client had a difficult time prepping food because of the minimal task lighting throughout the kitchen. 

Here’s how we upgraded this condo kitchen to be a bright and inviting space that is now flooded with natural light!

1. Wall Removal

One of the largest factors in this kitchen’s poor lighting was the wall that separated the dining room and kitchen. The dining room has a large window that gives the space bright, natural light throughout the day. We removed this wall to allow the natural light into the kitchen, and this alone brings a new energy to the kitchen! 

Condo kitchen wall removal
Brighten a condo kitchen

2. LED Panel Lighting

Another major change we made to this kitchen was upgrading the interior lighting. We installed an LED panel lighting grid to give off strong lighting in all the right places! These lights are a perfect upgrade if you’re looking to brighten up your entire kitchen space, and they’re fully dimmable so you have the option to light the space however you want. 

3. Under Cabinet Lighting

We swear by under cabinet lighting! We installed under cabinet lights to help with task lighting, so the client can easily prepare and cook food on her countertops. Under cabinet lights may be meant to increase functionality, but they can make a big difference in the overall brightness of a kitchen too! 

4. Backsplash

If you’re looking to brighten a dark kitchen, a light backsplash color will be your best friend! We installed a white subway tile backsplash to reflect the light in this kitchen. The client loves her dark cabinetry, so this white backsplash complements the dark tones and gives dimension to the kitchen all while reflecting light throughout! 

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White subway tile kitchen backsplash
Bright condo kitchen

5. Countertop

Similar to a backsplash, a bright countertop will help to reflect light throughout a kitchen. We installed granite countertops that have a reflective, white finish but still give a textured look to bring depth into the space. 

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Plan Out Your Kitchen Lighting

There you have it! These 5 upgrades completely transformed this condo kitchen. If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, it’s important to plan out your lighting beforehand. Think about your current lighting situation, where your light is coming from, and what can help to reflect that light. 

We love to share ways that you can create your dream kitchen mistake-free. If you’re struggling with renovation or design plans, or if you have questions about best home renovation practices, please get in touch! We’re happy to guide you in the right direction. 

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