Home Design Inspiration—Use Art and Design to Inspire the Look of Your Dream Home

home design inspiration

Looking for some home design inspiration for 2022? Here’s a sneak peek into some spaces designed by some Edmonton interior designers, contractors, artists and other makers for the Vignettes Design Series Festival. In upcoming weeks I’ll interview a few of these creators and designers, and give you some tips on how you can achieve the “look” in your own home in 2022.

Home renovation is about more than the logistics of putting the parts of your home together. The vision of designers and artists can really bring your home to the next level. Make use of their unique visual insights to make your home stand out:

When it comes to your home, home designers/artists/makers can really work hand-in-hand with your contractors and other tradespeople.

It’s easy to think of the trades as the practical and logical side of home building and renovation, and artists and designers as the less practical and more creative side. But both roles involve a lot of creativity, and the contractor’s role can involve a lot of creativity using the techniques he or she knows to bring a creative design vision to life.

The best experiences are when a team of different people with different skills bring these skills together to create something wonderful that showcases all of their unique abilities. A great example of this is the Vignettes Design Series, which I introduce in the video above. But consider bringing art and design into your home as well.

You can achieve a unique and beautiful space in your own home by bringing together the skills of many people.

use art in your home design

How to Use Art and Design to Inspire Your Home

The first step in finding home inspiration from art and design is to find a “look” or an aesthetic that really connects with you. There are many, many great artists and designers out there, but even though they do great work, you may not feel comfortable with their style in your home.

By looking at a wide variety of design inspiration, you will start to recognize what designs really jump out at you, and what looks you really love.

There are some really great tools for doing visual research. Most of us know and use Instagram, and it is great for finding images of spaces we love. Here at Contact, we use Instagram all the time, and some of you may have found us through the platform! The second great platform or tool is Pinterest, and this platform is great because you can pin images that inspire you to your own boards. When you collect images you love in one place, you can get a great overview of what inspires you. And guess what—you can find Contact Renovations and Custom Homes on Pinterest as well.

Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to researching “home design” either. A great piece of art can be a jumping-off point for a look that you love. Maybe there is something about the shape or the texture of a visual work that really draws you in. You can think of ways to bring those shapes and textures into your home as a whole. Or maybe it’s the colour palette—you might be able to work similar colours into your home design.

Incorporating art and design into your home renovation

Putting Your Home Together: Design and Your Contractor

In the Vignettes Design Series, contractors were an essential part of bringing these spaces to life. For every unique design detail, such as the lighting or a door set in concentric arches, someone had to think about what products would work for these designs, and what utilities (such as electrical) were necessary. Sometimes this involved creativity, as the whole point was to create a unique space that wasn’t “standard.” You might want some elements in your home that go beyond the standard design elements you see over and over in other homes. In this case, consulting with your contractor about what is possible is a great way to start to bring these visions to life.
Your contractor may also be able to connect you to some great home designers in your area. So talk to your contractor about the “looks” you feel passionate about, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a remarkable space for you and your family.

use art to inspire your home design

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