Upcycling to Create an Over-the-Top Eighties Feel in Your Home

upcycle to create and over-the-top eighties feel

Do you love the over-the-top eighties look? Do you love upcycling? Here’s some inspiration for how to upcycle to create an over-the-top eighties feel in your home.

Check out the mural, the patterned floor, the art and the furniture in this space to feel inspired. The “postmodern” aesthetic of the eighties and nineties looks like it will be a big trend for 2022, and this space demonstrates a fresh way to bring the eighties into your home. In this video, Rosalyn Lazaruk and I discuss some budget-friendly ways to get the look yourself.

Rosalyn Lazaruk, of Tipsy Palm Curated Vintage, is one of the lead designer on this space that was created for the Vignettes Design Series Festival. Here I interview her about the details of her space, “Las Vintage.” 

Photo credits: Ashley Hansen and Magichour.ca

As I mentioned last week, the first step in finding home inspiration from art and design is to find a “look” or an aesthetic that really connects with you. So I’m excited to bring you this over-the-top eighties space as inspiration! This space was inspired by sequins, shoulder pads, vintage eighties mall décor, and Las Vegas—all the good stuff. If you love this look, how can you bring this into your home? Well, here are a few tips.

Create a few show-stopping features

One way to create the look you want is to have one or two standout features that tie in with the aesthetic you’re aiming for. In this space, the aesthetic was that eighties look, and you can’t miss the large mural on the wall or the painted concrete floor. Both of these incorporate patterns that echo familiar patterns from the eighties, and yet both of these are achievable in most spaces with a bit of paint and creativity.

painted concrete floor home design idea

Especially when you want to create an “over-the-top” feel, a design element on a really large scale like a wall or a floor really brings that out. In the more intimate setting of your home you may find patterning both the wall and the floor may be a bit overwhelming, but you can experiment with these options and see what look or pattern really connects with your taste.

Add unique details

This space didn’t stop at large-scale, over-the-top features—it also incorporates some unique details such as art, vintage objects, and fantastic mirrors that fit the vibe of the space.

This is where you can really bring in the objects you love, and showcase your personality. The hunt for unique décor pieces can be a lot of fun, and if you find some things you really love, why not show them off? Or maybe you already own some items that you really love. The great thing about the modern approach to home design and décor is that you don’t have to stick to only the modern trends, but you can bring in elements from across the decades to create a unique space of your own. And these little details contribute to the overall look of your space.

So look around your home for things you already love, which might fit in with the look you want. And then keep your eye open in thrift stores, vintage stores and other places for those finishing touches that add a little extra to your space.

Upcycle, upcycle, upcycle

Lastly, don’t forget about upcycling. Even when going for an over-the-top, glamourous aesthetic, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Take the cash desk in this space, which was originally just an bland piece of furniture from the Architectural Clearinghouse. Rosalyn arranged to have it painted and patterned with a decorative tile that really fit in with the overall theme.

upcycle old furniture for a new look

Another big benefit of upcycling is the sustainability factor—keeping an item out of the landfill and using it for longer is a plus. Many pieces of furniture have years and years of life left in them, and if you can personalize it to suit your tastes and bring you joy, then why not upcycle to create a piece of your own rather than buying brand new?

Maybe after reading this you still want a little professional advice and guidance. This is where reaching out to interior designers can be a big help. They can also work with your contractor to design a completely unique space that feels comfortable to you and your design style. Reach out to me, or Rosalyn if you have any questions!

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