Luxurious En Suite Bathroom Inspiration

Luxurious En Suite Bathroom Inspiration, Contact Renovations blog

Looking to create a luxurious en suite bathroom? Check out this en suite bathroom for some inspiration.

If you have an en suite bathroom that you want to transform into an oasis of luxury, we have some inspiration for you. In this en suite bathroom renovation we just wrapped up, we have beautiful double vanity, a stand-out shower, free-standing bathtub, and gorgeous large format tile. Here’s what you need to know about these features: 

Build a Beautiful Double Vanity 

This bathroom previously had a double vanity, but we’ve reconfigured the vanity for even more versatility and storage. We’ve added a tower in the center to give more storage and to give a nice design aesthetic. It breaks up the mirrors this way. 

double vanity, Luxurious En Suite Bathroom Inspiration, Contact Renovations blog

One nice touch here is we have pullouts in the vanity, and they’re available in a variety of configurations:

vanity pull-outs, Luxurious En Suite Bathroom Inspiration, Contact Renovations blog

For example, you can have bins for your hair dryer in there and other large appliances—it’s nice for storing them and organizing their cables and so on. And there are other configurations available so you can have them set up for all kinds of things you need. Lots of customization options within your millwork! So give that some thought when planning your vanity to make sure it’s going to store your stuff the way you’d want it to be used. 

Design a Stand-out Shower

The next feature is this beautiful curbless shower. With a curbless shower, there’s nothing to trip over or step over on the way into the shower, which is great, both functionally and aesthetically. A lot of planning goes into achieving this. We actually had to recess the shower pan into the floor structure to be able to get this curbless detail. And again, we went with a linear drain which is a nice modern detail as well. 

curbless shower, Luxurious En Suite Bathroom Inspiration, Contact Renovations blog

This is a steam shower. With a steam shower, you want a sloped ceiling so the hot water that builds up on the ceiling can run off and run down the wall instead of dripping back on you. So you have to think about how you’re going to design that sloped ceiling, so it doesn’t look awkward when you first walk in. In this renovation, we sloped it to the back wall which makes it less obvious when you first enter the room. 

Use Stunning Tile

You might’ve noticed the flooring is a stunning large format tile. It’s a heated tile floor as well, which is a great feature. The large format tile is on the wall as well, and it is a great tile for this space.

Luxurious En Suite Bathroom Inspiration, Contact Renovations blog

Another thing to notice is the niche in the shower. That niche is perfectly centred between two large, format tiles, which takes a lot of planning. It’s a detail that really is for those with the keen eye, but it adds an impact. Typically many niches have a bunch of smaller tiles cut to make them fit. This one was planned well in advance to make sure that it was a nice seamless placement of that niche. 

shower niche

Fit in a Free-Standing Tub

We used to have a deck mounted tub here that took up a lot of space. So now we’ve gone to a free-standing tub, which is an elegant and more modern version. It also gives some room to get around behind it to service and clean around it and to access the window. Before you had to kind of climb up on the deck to get to the window to open it. This new tub in this space gives it a luxurious, elegant look! 

free standing tub, Luxurious En Suite Bathroom Inspiration, Contact Renovations blog

Give these ideas some thought when planning your bathroom reno! And reach out to us here at Contact Renovations if you have any questions—you can call us at 780-455-4446 or email us at

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