Class Up Your Stairs

Class Up Your Stairs, Contact Renovations blog

Stair Finishing Options

Looking to class up your stairs? Here’s a neat solution if you want carpet on your stairs but you still want to tie it in with your hardwood floors.  

Let me show you some cool ways to class up your stairs.

Incorporate Hardwood and Carpet

In this recently completed renovation, the client wanted carpet on the treads of the stairs themselves, just for safety and comfort. The way to tie this into your basement hard surface is to do the risers in the matching product of your basement floor. This gives it a nice look, and it ties them together and avoids the issue of having two separate products that really stand out from each other. 

Class up your stairs, Contact Renovations blog

Use a Two-tone Look

Another idea that is similar to the one above is to do the stair treads and risers in different colours. This could mean two different types of hardwood, especially if the upper floor has a different product than the lower floor. Or it could mean incorporating a pop of colour into your stairs by painting the riser in a colour that matches the colour scheme of your room. There are endless options when you consider what can be done to the riser portion of your stairs! Think about whether you want them to stand out, or blend into your decor. 

Two-tone stairs, Contact Renovations blog

Think Beyond the Stairs

While the stairs are a major feature of the stairwell, the decorative touches surrounding the stairs add a lot to the overall look as well. Some things to consider are the railings—railings add that safety feature to your stairs, but they also can influence the aesthetic. Do you want a more industrial look, or maybe a more ornate and traditional look? There are unique options such as a rope railing that exist as well, but make sure a creative option ties into the overall look you’re going for!

Another area is the walls on either side of the stairs. In the stairs we completed in the video above, the walls are lined in a nice pale wood, which adds an elegant but natural touch to the space. Other options to consider can be wallpaper, panelling, or even just paint in a chosen accent colour. 

Lastly, the doors at the top or the bottom of a set of stairs can influence the look as well! In this case, we chose a frosted glass door which still allowed light into the basement but provided privacy at the same time.

Stair details, Contact Renovations blog

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