Multi-Use Basement Renovation Reveal!

Multi-Use Basement Renovation Reveal! Contact Renovations blog

Ready to renovate to create a multi-use basement? Check out this multi-use basement renovation reveal for inspiration! We created an open concept space with plenty of room for lounging, watching TV, exercising and more. Plus, it looks great too!

Here are three inspiring features from this open concept basement renovation we just wrapped up.

Open Up Your Basement Space 

This basement was previously developed, but it was much more closed-in, which meant much less usable space. It was divided by a wall, and some of it was undeveloped. So in this renovation, we developed the whole basement to create one big open-concept space. You can see how multi-use this is—there is a space for entertaining with a bar, and space for lounging with a fireplace and TV. Just a good spot to kick back and watch a movie!

Multi-Use Basement Renovation Reveal! Contact Renovations blog

Would developing and opening up your own basement create more usable space in your home? Take a moment to plan out what it could look like! 

Create a Dedicated Space For Working Out

The basement isn’t completely open concept—we also developed a dedicated space for a gym. This is a nice feature you can have tucked away in the basement. A dedicated space makes it more comfortable to exercise, and makes it more likely you will actually get around to doing it, especially if you outfit the space with a TV or other entertainment that will make your workout a breeze. 

Exercise room, Multi-Use Basement Renovation Reveal! Contact Renovations blog

Elevate Your Basement with Fireplace Details

The showcase feature of this basement is the details around the electric fireplace. Take a look at the shelving on either side. We’ve installed floating shelves with a nice lighting detail to showcase whatever the client wants to display on the shelves, and we’ve added a nice ledger stone backing to these shelves to give it that extra touch of luxury. All in all, it really adds a nice feature to this TV area in the basement, and elevates the feel of the space. 

Multi-Use Basement Renovation Reveal! Contact Renovations blog

The end result is this wonderful space down here where the clients have designated areas for different activities, as well as a nice open concept space to host and entertain and spend time with the family. If you have any ideas or would like some help planning your multi-se basement renovation, don’t be afraid to reach out. You can reach us at 780-455-4446 or email us at

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