How to Use That Space Around Your Fireplace

How to Use That Space Around Your Fireplace, Contact Renovations blog

Wondering how to use that space around your fireplace to create a beautiful focal point? Here’s a unique design to inspire you:

How should you use that space around your fireplace? If you want to make this wall a focal point of your living room, there are several options. Traditional options include bookcases and cabinetry. Non-traditional options include floating shelves like in this recent renovation we just completed. Let’s explore the options:

Traditional Option 1: Bookcases

Bookcases are a great option if you have a collection of books or other objects you’d like to display on either side of the fireplace. Built-in bookshelves provide that elevated, custom look that really makes a room feel luxurious. However, you’ll want to plan the style and design of your bookshelves carefully, because a built-in option is harder to change later on! It also creates a bit of a heavier look, which can be great for a more traditional room but might not fit in a minimalist space. 

Built-in Fireplace Shelving, Contact Renovations blog

Traditional Option 2: Cabinetry

Cabinetry on either side of the fireplace is a great option because it gives you useful storage. You have closed cabinets which hide objects you don’t want visible, or you can choose glass-fronted cabinets that keep the dust off the objects you display. Clients often go for lower cabinets which give counter space on top, but you could have any configuration that works for you. Cabinetry would also be a custom option because you’d want a design that fits your space, especially if it will be the focal point of your living room.

Shelves with Cabinetry around Fireplace, Contact Renovations blog

Non-traditional Option: Asymmetrical Floating Shelves

As you can see, we combined some of the best features of more traditional options in this recent renovation! It includes both shelves and cabinetry, but to keep the look more modern and open, the design incorporates floating shelves and lots of lighting. 

Fireplace with puck lighting in floating shelves, Contact Renovations blog

It is also asymmetrical, which gives it a unique touch and increases the functionality of the area. One side contains a glass cabinet which holds crystal glasses. This is a great way to show off a collection without creating a dust collector. It also stores the glasses within easy reach of the bar area on this side. 

Task lighting is incorporated into the floating shelves, and on the other side of the fireplace this shelf lighting highlights the display pieces on the shelves. All in all, this area is a unique and elegant focal point for this room!

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