Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions, Contact Renovations blog

Looking for great kitchen cabinet organization solutions? I’ll demonstrate the cabinet pull-outs that we built into this recent kitchen renovation. It really makes the space more efficient and functional:

Today we’re talking about kitchen and cabinet storage solutions. These kitchen cabinet pull-outs offer some great storage solution options, improving efficiency within a smaller kitchen—or even a large one! 

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions, Contact Renovations blog

Above-the-Fridge Cabinet Pull-Out

That space above the fridge can be a challenge to get into. An above-the-fridge cabinet with a pull-out can make access to this storage space much easier. Adding that pull-out element adds more space to access the items and to retrieve them. Imagine storing your cereal boxes up there tucked nicely away out-of-sight, but still easy to access every morning when it’s time for breakfast. It’s a great way to utilize that space. 

Pull-Outs for Narrow Spaces

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Solutions, for Narrow Spaces Contact Renovations blog

How many kitchens have a narrow space that appears non-functional? In this kitchen there’s a space between the appliance, which is actually a nice feature because it creates some space between the fridge and the double oven. But that narrow space isn’t wasted. We installed a pull-out here as well, to give access to the shelves from both sides of the pull-out, as well as access to the full depth of the shelf. It’s a really smart way to utilize that space and to maximize your storage space within your kitchen cabinet design. 

Pull-Outs for Corners

One last “awkward” space in many kitchens are the corner cabinets. It can be difficult to get in and out of them, because there’s lots of space in the corner but only a narrow opening at the front. One potential solution to this is a “carousel” or “lazy Susan” design where the shelves rotate to bring items to the front. Another option is known as a “blind corner pullout,” where the first shelf pulls out one behind it. Depending on the shape of your kitchen, one of these might offer a great storage solution.

So give pull-outs some thought when designing your kitchen!

As you can see, a lot goes into kitchen cabinet design! Involving a skilled cabinet designer in the process of renovating your kitchen can make a big difference. Talk to your contractor about who they work with when it comes to details like the cabinets, and what their process is to come up with a kitchen design that makes the most of the space that you have. When you are renovating to get the kitchen of your dreams, you want to make sure that every detail is functional and beautiful. 

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