Creative Ideas for Lighting Around the Fireplace

Creative Ideas for Lighting Around the Fireplace, Contact Renovations

In this renovation, we decided to be creative with the lighting around the fireplace. The puck lighting in the asymmetrical floating shelves elevates the look of the whole room:

Today we’re talking about creative ways to use lighting in your renovation, and how to achieve a look like this renovation we recently completed. In this stunning design, we have a fireplace area with puck lighting integrated into these floating shelves on either side. And what a difference it makes with both the appearance, but also the function of the area! Here are some things to consider when adding lighting to your fireplace area.

Create a Focal Point

Lighting is a great way to emphasize a focal point in your space, and create ambience in your room. So when you’re planning your renovation, think about where you can use lighting to highlight a feature. The lighting in these shelves really makes a big difference—check out a comparison of the lights off and on below:

Fireplace Lights Off/FIreplace Lights On, Contact Renovations blog

The style of lights you use will really impact the look of your space as well. In this case, using puck lights in the floating shelves really made the shelves more of a feature, rather than the lights themselves.

These lights also come in RGBK, so you can have any colour you want within some of the lighting. You can tone that up for your theme—for example, for a specific time of year or a celebration you might be having. 

Incorporate Task Lighting

A great benefit of these lights is that they give some task lighting as well. They light up the bar surface, to really help make that a nice usable space. So you could have the balance of the lights off on the main floor—for example, if you’re watching a movie. And then if you want to prepare a drink, there’s nice task lighting there for you to use right above you.

Task lighting over the bar, Contact Renovations blog

Planning Ahead is Essential 

One thing to consider here is there was no lack of attention that had to go into the plan to make sure this was going to work out. We had to rough in all the wiring during the rough-in stage, which is before drywall was up. This means we needed to know where we wanted the shelves to sit before the drywall even went in. Then we had to pull the wiring through the drywall in the right place, to connect the lights in the shelving. 

So work like this takes planning and attention to detail. Make sure you talk to an experienced contractor if this is a feature you want, to make sure the end results look the way you want them to. The pricing behind this will depend on the fixture that you choose and how many lights you have. But in this case, as you can see it’s really made a great difference to the end result!

Fireplace with puck lighting in floating shelves, Contact Renovations blog

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