Finishing Options for Your Fireplace

Finishing Options for Your Fireplace, Contact Renovations blog

How do you finish your fireplace so it looks up-to-date and elegant? You will want to consider finishing options for your fireplace, since it’s such a major feature in your room! Here is some inspiration:

If you’re renovating your home, you probably want to update your fireplace as well—or maybe you just added a new fireplace to your home and you’re wondering how to finish it so it becomes the focal point you’ve been dreaming about. Well, we have some tips for you. 

Choose a Classic Finish

Classic finishing options for fireplaces include tile, ledger stone, or even just an accent colour in paint. These can be excellent options for finishing off the chase.

Or Go For a More Unique Finish

In the reno we just finished, in the video above, we went with a more unique option. This fireplace features a shiplap finish, which gives it a nice bit of texture. This finish is not quite as common so it’s a great way to try something different. We combined it with a nice plaster finish on the hearth and on the finish around the fireplace itself. This creates a really nice contrast between the texture in the shiplap and the nice smooth finish on the hearth and the fireplace surround. 

Finishing Options for Your Fireplace, Contact Renovations blog

Tie It All Together With Details

After you’ve chosen the finish on the surround of the fireplace itself, you want to tie the fireplace in with the rest of the room. In this case, we used details to integrate the look of the room. First, we used a nice stained mantle that matches the colour of the floating shelves on the wall on either side. Then to round it all off, we have a nice accent colour on the base cabinets and that really helps to create some pop. Lastly, we have a nice neutral tone on the countertops to help tie it all together. 

stunning new fireplace, Contact Renovations blog

So when you’re considering your fireplace finish, get creative, think about different options that might work for you! Think outside of the box because it doesn’t always have to be tiled or stone. In this renovation, shiplap was a great way to finish it off, and the fireplace becomes a nice, interesting focal point. 


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