Unveiling A Backyard Transformation in Riverdale: Pergola And Deck Makeover Inspiration

The time to think about a backyard update is before the summer weather hits! When it is still a bit chilly outside, it’s a great time to dream about how you want to spend your summer months in your yard. These clients dreamed of an outdoor lifestyle full of entertaining friends and relaxing in privacy. So we created a large deck and pergola area with an integrated hot tub, with lots of thought given to making it a private space. The end result is beautiful and luxurious!

The Yard, Deck and Pergola Makeover

Check out the full tour of this yard, deck and pergola below, or read on to learn more:

The goal for this backyard was to make a space that’s far more suitable for entertaining and spending quality time in this urban setting.

The original deck was quite a bit smaller. While it did have room for the hot tub, the expanded footprint we created with this new deck gives far more space to enjoy. And the pergola in the design provides some shade and create a cozy little spot to be able to really hang out and enjoy this backyard.

One key detail is the privacy screens that were added to make the space more relaxing in an urban setting. This is done in a very tasteful way, incorporating a screen system that’s staggered along the fence, with some new trees that will help to fill in the voids.

We also have a premium decking product here that’s really beautiful, to create this exotic wood look without the need for ongoing maintenance.

Within the pergola system, we have incorporated lighting and gas to allow for the fire table in the centre. The overall layout really makes this remarkable space something that you want to share with your friends!

Take Your Deck from Good to Great with the Right Decking Options

Are there options besides wood for your deck? Yes, there are!

These clients really wanted something remarkable for their deck. The particular product that we used is called Zuri, and it is a capped PVC decking product. It’s definitely considered a premium product.

One advantage of this product is its big, meaty nosing. Because of this, it looks like a nice solid wood product as opposed to your average composite deck (which is often quite thin). This has a nice thick edge that makes it look like real lumber. It’s just a really, really a nice design detail.

Second, the product has a great range of colours. You can you get this nice exotic look out of your deck without the need for ongoing maintenance. For these clients, we did a nice alternating colour pattern. We combined this with some picture framing and you can see it’s really a beautiful finish.

So think about your options. They don’t all have to be really expensive. This one happens to be pricey, but the end result certainly is remarkable. If you go for a less pricey product, you can still consider how you do your layout. The design and the overall pattern of this deck make a big difference as well.

Add Backyard Privacy with Privacy Screens

Riverdale is an area of the city where you do have a neighbour right next door. So of course these client wanted some more privacy. We did a couple things to help provide that privacy, while also having a very aesthetically pleasing result.

First, we added these privacy screens. This is quite an elegant system, which provides some privacy without being overbearing. And it has an attractive design, running that lumber with the black inlaid screens.

That’s one way to do it if you don’t have one large screen wall the whole way across. You can do it in panels, and it’s still effective.

To complement the screens, we’ve planted some Swedish aspens. These trees stay quite slender, and they grow quickly. Once they fill in, they’ll add more of the privacy, and really create a beautiful backyard setting.

What You Need to Know Before Building a Deck Around YOur Hot Tub

Here are some things to think about if you want to build a deck around your hot tub.

In this reno, we built a new deck around these clients’ existing tub. Regardless of whether it’s a new tub or existing, you have to consider a few things to make sure that your hot tub is serviceable.

First, you will need to access either side of your tub to be able to service it. For this hot tub, we needed to build a step so it would be easy to get into, so we made this step removable. This means the clients have space to remove the front panel and service the tub. That’s a key thing because if you can’t service the tub without taking your deck apart, you’ve got a problem.

Second, you can see that behind the tub there is a privacy screen system. We actually made this one set of screens fully removable, and the posts as well, so that if you ever had to remove the tub or service it from the other side, there is room to work there. You’re able to get it out without having to disassemble your deck.

So when you’re planning your deck and you are integrating your tub, remember to think about your access and serviceability, and how you get the hot tub out in the event that your deck outlives your tub.

It’s time to start dreaming about your summer! What would you like to do outside on your deck? Once you’ve decided on what you’d like to do and the style you’d like to achieve, you can begin to work on how to create that for yourself.

You can see the project portfolio for this project here.

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