The Low-Down on Bathroom Tile Design and Installation: The Art of Renovation LIVE!

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Quality Bathroom Tile Design and Installation

Our favourite part of a good bathroom renovation is, you guessed it, the stunning tile design! In the shower, on the floor, above the vanity – tile is where it’s at. The tricky thing with bathroom tile is, you often don’t know the quality level until you see the finished product. There’s nothing worse than noticing an error in your grout lines or dealing with a leak later on. 

So, what’s really behind the tile in a bathroom renovation? This episode will take you behind the scenes of great tile setting from the first quote to reveal day! 

Welcome back to The Art of Renovation LIVE, where home renovation expert Paul Foster sits down with with other well-loved professionals in the industry to educate homeowners on all things high quality renovation. Each episode focuses on a different area of renovation and gives you the trade secrets of home improvement and design. No matter what type of renovation you’re planning, Paul and his special guests have advice that will ensure you get the renovation of your dreams.

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Bathroom Tile Design Episode Replay

In this episode, Paul is joined by Aaron Brown, owner of River City Tile Company in Edmonton, Alberta. Paul and Aaron give the low-down on bathroom tile design, and share important steps all homeowners should take when including tile in their bathroom renovation. Whether you hire a general contractor or a tile setter, here is everything you need to know to make sure your tile is installed properly. 

Watch the episode or read down below for the show notes! 

Episode Show Notes

03:20 – Is it easy to install bathroom tile on your own? The pros and cons of DIY bathroom tile setting. 

05:25 – Background on River City Tile Company

06:20 – What to look for in a tile setter. How to find a talented tile setter. 

11:15 – What type of tile material do you need for a bathroom shower? Waterproofing systems for your shower tile. How to properly waterproof your shower tile. 

15:10 – Best practices to ensure your tile is installed correctly.

17:50 – The different tile setting methods. Barrier free showers. 

21:40 – How to install tile on a barrier free shower. How big of a slope do you need in a barrier free shower? 

23:20 – What type of drain do you need in a barrier free shower? 

35:15 – How to avoid lippage in your bathroom tile setting. The best layout for bathroom tile. 

45:20 – What are the tile trends of 2021? Trends in bathroom tile design. 

48:30 – Best practices for installing a niche in your shower. How to properly install tile in your shower’s niche. What are the best measurements for a shower niche? 

52:00 – Niche versus pre fab. 

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