Home Renovation Question and Answer: The Art of Renovation LIVE!

Art of Renovation LIVE home renovation questions and answers episode

Home Renovation Questions Answered

Are you in limbo with your home renovation project because of all your unanswered questions? There’s planning the perfect layout, finding the right hardware, and the obvious (most dreaded) task … coming up with a budget. We hear you. You can’t possibly start your project without having answers to your home renovation questions. 

Lucky for you, this episode covers it all! 

Welcome back to The Art of Renovation LIVE, where home renovation expert Paul Foster sits down with with other well-loved professionals in the industry to educate homeowners on all things high quality renovation. Each episode focuses on a different area of renovation and gives you the trade secrets of home improvement and design. No matter what type of renovation you’re planning, Paul and his special guests have advice that will ensure you get the renovation of your dreams.

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Home Renovation Questions and Answers Episode Replay

You asked, we answered! In this special episode of The Art of Renovation LIVE, Paul shares his expertise as a seasoned contractor and answers questions that have flooded in on the Contact Renovations’ Instagram page. 

From complete overhauls to small home projects, Paul gives a solution to the question you’ve been frantically searching the internet for. Maybe it’s how to fix something on your own, where you can get the best bang for your buck, or our personal favorite, why your quotes are so vastly different. Rest assured, Paul answers these questions with details that will guide you in the right direction with your home renovation.

Watch the episode replay or keep scrolling for a list of commonly asked renovation questions that Paul addressed. If you’re on the hunt for some how-to guides, click here to catch previous episodes on our YouTube channel.

Episode Show Notes

01:27 – Can you partially finish a basement? 

06:53 – What to do when you feel movement in your flooring. How do you fix faulty floor joists? 

12:11 – How do you fix cracking grout in your tile? What grout products are the best to use? 

18:56 – Where do you start when retrofitting an older house? How do you increase energy efficiency in an older home? 

26:22 – What are some inexpensive renovation projects to boost your home’s value? 

31:53 – What is a realistic budget for an average kitchen renovation? 

39:00 – Why is there such a large gap in different home renovation quotes?

44:18 – What is the cost to replace shingles? 

44:59 – Can scratches on faux vinyl plank be repaired? 

46:45 – Where can you add some luxury into your kitchen? 

50:00 – How can you add storage in a shower and keep the design clean? 

53:00 – How can you maximize odd spaces in a basement renovation?

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