Replace Your Entry Door: What You Need to Know

Replace Your Entry Door: What You Need to Know, The Art of Renovation with Paul Foster

So it’s time to give your home a new look, and replace that entry door. But what do you need to know about doors to be able to pick a good one? In this video, I go through the types of entry doors, or front doors, that you can choose, and what are the pros and cons of each type!

Before you replace your entry door, it’s good to know all your options. Here are some things to know about entry doors and front doors before you get started on your renovation project:

Types of Front Doors:

There are three main types:

Metal Doors

Generally, your metal-clad door will be your cheapest door. And within that range, you’ll find some that have a very thin metal skin, and some of them have a nice thick one.

How they’re laminated to the core makes a big difference as well. So if you’re getting a metal-clad door, look into the quality of construction of that door. Ultimately you’ll get what you pay for—a thicker, better-constructed door will be more durable.

With a metal door, you might be able to see a warranty around the five to 10 year range.

Wood Doors

When it comes to wood doors, you have to consider your climate here in Alberta. We get big temperature swings, humidity changes, so sometimes wood will expand and contract, so that should be taken into consideration. A quality wood can look great—but maybe less great if it starts to get dried out and cracked over time.

Fibreglass Doors

In this home renovation, we’ve installed a fibreglass door here. This is a more modern door. You can see it has these little inset lines to add a bit of design and style to it. We have a nice vertical light or window in the door, which provides lots of nice natural light into the home.

With a fibreglass door, you should be expecting a warranty closer to 20 years.

The doors in this garage/entryway renovation we did were provided by Lux Windows and Glass—great products!

fibreglass door, Contact Renovations

Other Features to Think About

Windows: As I mentioned, the door in this home renovation has a vertical window. You can glaze or tint this window for more privacy, or to reduce the amount of light coming in.

Adjustable hinges: This is a great feature for cases where you might have to adjust how your door sits after it’s installed (something might not be quite square or plum). You can adjust these hinges to really make it fit properly and seal well.

Door Finish: This fiberglass door has a very nicely done factory finish. It’s like an automotive grade paint that’s applied to this door, so it’s nice and thick and resilient, and it looks just very sharp.

Keypad and Lock options: Lastly, consider your lock! There are many options for locks beyond the traditional metal key. This home installed a keypad, which makes it convenient for older children to come home and just go inside. There are also locks with apps that are installed on your smartphone, so consider that if that is an option that makes sense for you and your family.

many styles of doors to choose from

Do you want a little professional advice and guidance on your door and entryway renovation project? This is where talking to your contractor can help! Reach out to me here at Contact Renovations and Custom Homes if you have any questions!

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