The Best Renovations to Increase Home Value

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Top Renovations to Increase Home Value

In a recent episode of The Art of Renovation LIVE! Paul answered burning questions from live viewers in a special round of renovation Q&A. One of the most asked questions? Yep, you guessed it! “What are some cost effective renovations that will increase home value?” 

If you’ve also asked yourself this (or maybe you haven’t, and now we’ve intrigued you), you came to the right place! In this video Paul shares what renovations will increase a home’s value and catch the eyes of future buyers.

Watch the video and take notes or scroll down to read more of Paul’s advice! 

Increase Home Value With These Updates

Not everyone has the budget for a full on main floor renovation. Listen, we get it. We always tell our clients that prioritization is key when remodelling a home. It’s better to do one renovation project great than a bunch of renovation projects … not so great. Take our word for it and don’t underestimate the value of a few home updates!

So, when someone asks us how they can update their home and make it attractive for future buyers, we tell them a few things. 


Kitchens and bathrooms are where its at

If you want to increase the value of your home but you don’t have the budget to do more than one project, we suggest focusing on your kitchen or your bathroom. These are where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. 

If you put some pennies toward a really great kitchen remodel (maybe a cabinetry, countertop and backsplash package, or install new appliances) you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much younger your house will look. 

Think about it. When home buyers walk into a showing, where’s the first place their eye goes to? The kitchen! Second to that, the bathrooms. 

modern kitchen renovation to increase home value
Modern bathroom renovation to increase home value

Small features make a big impact

Add bits of luxury throughout your home! Things like under cabinet lighting in your bathroom or an electric fireplace in your living room are unique features that will catch a buyer’s eye. 

Under cabinet lighting for bathroom
Modern fireplace to increase home value

Freshen up the surfaces

Yes, its true that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. But if your floors are dented and there are other signs of an outdated home, the new paint colour will go unnoticed. 

Don’t forget that people look past furniture and fixtures. Ever heard of the saying this house has great bones? Home buyers want to make sure they have a good canvas to work with, so make sure you update main areas like flooring, baseboards, ceilings and windows. 

Keep it simple

If you want to update your home with the intention of selling it, don’t go overboard with your design. Try to stay away from trends and unique colour schemes as these can date stamp your project. Not sure what the latest home design trends are? This blog covers it all! 

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