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The Art of Renovation LIVE! Kitchen Design

Welcome to The Art of Renovation LIVE, where renovation expert Paul Foster sits down with other professionals to talk about high quality renovation. Each episode focuses on a different area of renovation to give you practical insights to home improvement and design. No matter what type of renovation you’re doing, Paul and his special guests give advice that will help make your renovation what you dreamed of. You can learn more about The Art of Renovation LIVE show here.

In this episode, Paul sits down with special guest Gerry Dixon, owner of Iconic Cabinets. Gerry gives a live walkthrough of a recent kitchen renovation to give kitchen design inspiration and tips on how to choose your cabinets. 

Please enjoy!

Kitchen Design Episode Show Notes

Below are the kitchen design and cabinet questions that Paul and Gerry answered from live viewers throughout this episode. Each question has a time stamp so you can easily find the answer to your renovation question. 

04:20 – What are the different types of kitchen layouts and how do I know which one is right for me?

06:50 – Where is the best place to put my microwave?

08:45 – How to minimize the clutter in your kitchen.

09:20 – How to design the right island for you.

11:00 – The different types of countertops (granite, quartz, laminate).

11:25 – How to make sure your range hood is the right size, height, and type for your space.

13:00 – Types of cabinet materials.

14:30 – Modern versus classic cuts of cabinet materials.

14:59 – Types of door cuts and materials along with their prices, pros, and cons (maple wood, panel, stain finish, MDF (medium density fibreboard) ).

18:05 – Giveaway announcement.

24:00 – Pull out cabinets.

27:00 – Glass doors.

29:10 – Where you put your kitchen appliances and how do you plan for appliance placement such as where to put your sink, stove, fridge, etc.

30:35 – Raised kitchen islands and other things to consider when designing your island (outlets, height, backsplash, storage).

33:00 – How to communicate with your contractor or designer to make sure you’re both on the same page and what you should be asking your contractor.

35:35 – Waterfall edge kitchen island.

36:25 – If my cabinet doors are peeling how do I know if I need to replace them or re finish them?

38:17 – How can I reface my kitchen and what is the cost of this? When is it better to do a complete renovation rather than a reface?

42:20 – How to automate my kitchen and plan for smart add ons (automatic sink, fridge).

44:40 – What is the weight capacity for my pantry drawers?

46:20 – Kitchen spacing. How do I plan my kitchen renovation to make sure I have enough space between my living room area and my island?

47:40 – Cabinet door styles (modern, transitional, or classic).

48:50 – Is thermofoil a good material for my kitchen cabinets?

53:30 – Is Contact Renovations still operating in light of COVID-19? What health and safety practices are you implementing so I can still plan my renovation?

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