The Art of Renovation – How to Brighten a Dark Room

How to Brighten a Room With No Windows

Brighten a Dark Space With No Windows

Welcome back to the The Art of Renovation with Paul Foster. This is the second video that we filmed on locations at the 2019 Vignettes Design Series in downtown Edmonton. (If you missed the first video you can watch it here.) 

This week we are going to share some ideas on how to brighten a dark room with no windows.

Start With Your Fixture…

Naturally, your starting point is going to be your fixture and whether you’re using LED or incandescent lighting. LED does offer you some much brighter and more efficient options, but the brightness might have an impact on the atmosphere of the room.

…and Follow the Light.

Once you have your fixture and type of light picked out, think of what you can do to maximize the brightness you will get out of it. One thing you can do is put up a large mirror, or a series of small mirrors or mirror panels to reflect light around the room. You can also install some back-lighting along the frame of the room, or use some cabinet lighting.  You could even put in some french doors to allow light in from another room.

There are a couple of other strategies in the video that you can try, but give it a watch and you should get some good ideas on giving that small room a bigger, brighter future!

The Art of Renovation - Vignettes Design Series

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