The Art of Renovation – Beautifying a Space While it’s Still a Work in Progress

The Art of Renovation - Glen Ronald

Our latest video takes you inside our new Edmonton office.  Paul shares how we’ve beautified the space during the renovation with paintings on loan from our friend Glen Ronald. Check it out and see how we’ve enhanced the space to make it both functional and welcoming. 

The team has put a lot of work into the renovations. We really want to make the space our own.  Since moving in on December 1 we now have a boardroom and more offices.  We are really looking forward to hosting more meetings and events in the space. 

If you’re interested in the renovation details…

So far we have framed, drywalled, and painted some of the new offices and board room complete with sound insulation in the walls.  This gives us more office space than we had in our previous spot, and a nice board room where we can make presentations to our clients.  We’ve also installed new doors, interior windows, and trim, as well as new wiring for power, lighting, and internet. We still have a few more things to do once spring arrives.  When the weather gets nicer, we’ll be able to install our signage without worrying about the cold weather.

The Incredible Artwork on Loan from Glen Ronald

Glen Ronald Artwork

On top of all the renovations to make the space more functional, we are also very fortunate to be able to decorate and beautify our new space with some pieces on loan from our good friend and prolific artist, Edmonton’s own, Glen Ronald.  

Glen has gained international acclaim for his self-described “chaos paintings,” and has been featured on such websites as and  You can find more of his art on his Instagram and Etsy pages.  

Check out his work up-close at the Sparks Centre in Sherwood Park, in Edmonton.  You really don’t get the full impact of his pieces or really appreciate all of the layers and fine detail until you see them live and in-person.  We are very happy and excited that Glen was able to graciously lend us some pieces and bring some colour and thought-provoking imagery to our new office.

Bison Journey - Glen Ronald
Glen Ronald
Moose - Glen Ronald

Drop by for a visit or get in touch!  We’d be happy to give you a tour so you can check out our new location and have a look at all of the fantastic artwork by Glen.  We look forward to seeing you!

We are thrilled to win a 2024 CHBA Edmonton Excellence in Housing award!