The Art of Renovation – Kitchen Island Inspiration

The Art of Renovation - Kitchen Island Inspiration

Welcome back to The Art of Renovation!

We understand what a challenging time it has been as of late. The COVID-19 outbreak has made the internet a scary place to be right now, so we want to provide you all with something positive and light-hearted. If you’re considering a renovation, need some kitchen island inspiration, or just love looking at beautiful reno photos, this blog is for you! We hope that while you’re scrolling through your timeline, this is something stress-free that you can enjoy.

In this latest Art of Renovation video, Paul is showing a recent kitchen renovation we did where we installed a beautiful island!

The addition of a large island creates a focal point in the kitchen, and it provides a meaningful space that has a lot of useful storage! When homeowners plan to include a brand new island in their kitchen renovation, we focus on three factors: storage, flow, and design. These are all important in any kitchen renovation, but especially when you’re working with a condo or a smaller space! A well thought out island can make a world of difference for the flow in a kitchen. Here are a few things to consider if you are looking to install an island:


The kitchen island in this Art of Renovation video has a quartz countertop, which is an engineered product that is hard and sealed, and it does not require any maintenance! With quartz products, every slab is unique. The client was able to go to the warehouse and pick out a sample they loved, and this is what we installed for them. 

Kitchen island countertop

If you’re looking for more kitchen inspiration and ideas on countertop options, check out this blog!


The size of this island works perfectly in this condo because it allows for more work and eating space, comfortably seating six bar stools. Islands are a great asset for smaller kitchens because often homeowners have limited space to entertain, and they are not able to comfortably fit in a dining table or eating area. An island allows homeowners to have a space to work, eat, and entertain without it making the kitchen feel small or cluttered – it gives you the best of both worlds!


These homeowners wanted a good amount of storage within their new island, so we made this a priority in the design process. Within the island we installed two bar fridges, a recycling station, dishwasher, cupboards, and drawers. 

Kitchen island storage
Kitchen island dishwasher

When you are planning out the design for your new island, it is a good idea to include things that make the rest of your kitchen less cluttered. Having ample amount of storage in an island allows for easy-access to items you are grabbing often, and it also allows you to store things you aren’t pulling out that often, clearing up space on your countertops and overhead cabinets! The great thing about including an island in your kitchen renovation is that you can customize it to whatever best suits your lifestyle.

Here are some other design options that may help you envision your dream island:

Kitchen island
Kitchen island wine storage

If you’re planning out your kitchen renovation, it is more than worth it to look into including a beautiful new island! Especially if you are renovating a condo, or your kitchen space is a bit smaller, an island will completely transform your kitchen. 

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If you have any questions on how to plan for an island installation, or how to make it custom to your lifestyle, give us a call or email us! We’re happy to answer any questions you have. If you are ready to start planning a project, or would like us to have a tour of your home to begin planning a project, we are now offering video conferencing! We are very excited about this new way of connecting with our clients, so we would love to have a conference call with you. 

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