How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Larger

how to make a small kitchen feel larger

Have a small kitchen and wonder what you can do to make it feel larger? Let me show you three tips that really help your kitchen feel more spacious. These are simple things you can think of in any type of kitchen renovation, and they will really make the difference:

Three Tips to Consider to Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger

Consider lighter colours. This can mean lighter coloured cabinets, a lighter backsplash, or lighter colours on the walls. You can still incorporate quite a bit of colour, as we did with the blue in the kitchen in the video above. But consider using a lighter colour on some of the major surfaces, to brighten the space up.

Consider your cabinet configuration. You might really want an island in your kitchen, but an island in too small a space can really make your kitchen feel cramped. This doesn’t mean you have to completely stay away from islands though! One option is to have an island on casters than can be moved. Whatever you decide, the way you lay out your cabinets can really impact the feel of your space. There are ways to maximize your cabinet space while at the same time keeping that open feel. For example, in the kitchen above we used a peninsula shape to create a nice open space.

Lastly, consider the lighting. Make sure you have really good lighting, as this makes a big difference in how cramped a space feels. You might need to combine a few different types of lighting to make sure you reach all the space. Just make sure you don’t choose large ornate fixtures that also cast large shadows!

These tips will get you well on your way to a kitchen that feels larger, more spacious and more luxurious.

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