Why Are Renovation Quotes So Drastically Different?

why are renovation quotes so drastically different

If you’re planning a renovation and you get a bunch of different quotes from different contractors, you might wonder why they’re so different. Why are some so high, and some so low? How can you tell which quote is a fair quote, and which one might lead you to paying more in the end?

Check out this Q&A from The Art of Renovation LIVE! I’m your host, Paul Foster, and I’ll explain how contractors might be estimating to get these quotes, and what my process is:

Maybe you’re staring at a handful of renovations quotes right now, trying to decide which contractor to go with. You probably thought it was a good idea to get more than one quote—and it was. But now you have to decide between them, and it’s not obvious why one is so drastically different from another. Why do quotes differ from each other so much?

What project information did you provide?

Well, one reason might be the information you provided your contractors to get these quotes. The contractors may have had to make some assumptions, and they might have used different methods to come up with their quotes. Your quote is going to include an allowance for different products included in your renovation—for example, your countertop, or your sink.

If you didn’t specify what countertop you want, the contractor can choose to include a reasonable allowance based on previous projects they have done for previous clients, or the contractor might include a lower allowance to make the overall quote look more attractive.

If you don’t know that the contractor included quite low allowances in your quote, you might not realize that the final price will likely go up if you choose a more expensive option than the one they priced in.

So one solution to this, to get a more accurate quote from all the contractors you’re looking into, is to give them the most information possible about what you want. Don’t be vague, but be really clear about the type of lighting, sink, counter or whatever product that you know you want, so you’re not surprised to find out later that what you thought was included in the quote is actually an “upgrade.”

This might mean doing a little research ahead of time. But in the end, if you know what you want you’ll be able to compare the quotes you get a little bit better, because you know they’re working off the same information.

Communicating with your contractor

We aim to be direct and realistic in our communication with our clients, and that includes when we quote on a project. So when you are trying to choose which contractor to go with, think about whether your communication style works with theirs.

Do you get a feeling that your contractor is being realistic with you about everything that will go into the result that you want? If you’re not looking for the cheapest possible option, being able to communicate with your contractor about what you’re looking for, and being able to trust that they will be able to tell you how achievable that is, is a big part of the process.

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