Luxury Landscaping Design: The Art of Renovation LIVE!

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How to Plan Your Luxury Landscaping Design

You said last summer was going to be the summer you finally got a handle on your lawn. But once again, you struggled with proper watering and got yellow grass as a result. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! 

Would you believe us if we said this summer can be different? 

This episode is your ticket to creating the luxury landscaping design you envision for your backyard. 

Welcome back to The Art of Renovation LIVE, where home renovation expert Paul Foster sits down with with other well-loved professionals in the industry to educate homeowners on all things high quality renovation. Each episode focuses on a different area of renovation and gives you the trade secrets of home improvement and design. No matter what type of renovation you’re planning, Paul and his special guests have advice that will ensure you get the renovation of your dreams.

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Luxury Landscaping Design Episode Replay

Landscaping is no DIY project. There are various issues that can arise if you don’t know what to look for, and landscaping mistakes come pricey. Who wants the nightmare of bursting a pipe when trying to plant a new tree?

We’ve got you covered! Paul and master landscape designer, Gordon Neustaeter of Greentree Outdoor Living, lay out the details of what to plan for before starting your landscaping project.

Learn about permits and planning, irrigation and drainage systems, luxury water features, and all things turf maintenance. Plus, if you want to plan a landscaping design that gives you the perfect balance between sun and shade, you’ll find some tips throughout this episode!

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Episode Show Notes

06:10 – How to best plan for a landscaping project. What do you need to plan for when redoing your landscaping? 

07:45 – How to get both sun and shade in your backyard with landscaping. How to use trees to provide shade in your backyard. 

11:40 – When are permits needed for home landscaping? Do you need permits for hot tubs and ponds in your backyard? 

13:40 – How to locate your utilities before starting a landscaping project. 

14:30 – Homeowner responsibility for landscaping. 

18:45 – Difference irrigation systems for yards. What is the best yard irrigation system? Surface drainage systems. How to fix bad drainage in your yard. How do yard drainage systems work? 

23:00 – How to fix puddles of water in your yard. Eliminating water collection in your yard. 

25:00 – What are the different types of water features for landscaping? How to install a water feature in your backyard. Quiet water features. 

29:45 – How much maintenance comes with installing a water feature in your backyard? 

33:00 – Artificial turf. How to make your turf soft. 

36:00 – How much maintenance is involved with artificial turf? How to properly maintain artificial turf. 

38:00 – Home putting green design. 

40:15 – Retaining walls. What is the purpose of retaining walls? How much do retaining walls cost to install? Boulder retaining walls. 

51:00 – Stone decking.

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