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Welcome Back to The Art of Renovation LIVE!

Welcome back to The Art of Renovation LIVE, where home renovation expert Paul Foster talks with other savvy professionals about the details of high quality renovation. Each conversation focuses on a different area of renovation and gives you the trade secrets of home improvement and design. No matter what type of renovation you’re planning, Paul and his special guests have advice that will ensure you get the renovation you’ve been dreaming about.

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The Best Decking and Siding Products

The hot weather is here to stay, and it’s making homeowners think about the best decking and siding products for their homes. It’s important to know what options you have when it comes to the materials you use in any renovation. Wood seems to be one of those products that homeowners don’t put much thought into until they’re deep in the renovation process. Some are even shocked they have to make decisions at all.

Say goodbye to the days where basic types of wood were used for an average deck build, and say hello to a long list of beautiful, sustainable products for both interior and exterior design! 

Join Paul as he chats with custom wood expert Darren Cunningham of Texel Wood and Daniel of Abodo. They talk shou sugi ban, aqua, Abodo timber, maintenance and design. Plus, they share how to protect your wood against weather and insects. 

This episode will leave you with tips to get you both inspired and educated about your decking and siding all year round. Watch the episode replay below or scroll down to read the show notes!

Episode Show Notes

2:20 – Darren’s history with wood products

6:30 – Benefits of shou sugi ban wood material

8:00 – How is shou sugi ban made and finished? 

10:09 – How is shou sugi ban wood used in homes? Is shou sugi ban better for exterior or interior design? 

11:45 – Shou sugi ban design inspiration

13:08 – Charring process for shou sugi ban wood

15:40 – Can you DIY shou sugi ban? 

17:40 – Shou sugi ban siding inspiration

20:58 – Aqua wood product

22:52 – What is aqua wood product made of? 

24:10 – Is aqua wood good in harsh weather conditions? 

24:48 – Aqua wood exterior design inspiration

25:32 – Warranty for aqua wood material

26:18 – The difference between pressure treated lumber and aqua wood

27:50 – What is the maintenance level of aqua wood?

31:32 – Daniel’s background with Abodo and timber

35:56 – Abodo timber product and systems

38:21 – How grain orientation helps make a wood stronger

40:00 – Exterior wood expansion and contraction

41:35 – Color change in timber wood overtime 

42:38 – The effects of wood coatings on maintenance

45:35 – How to maintain Abodo wood products. Weather effects on Abodo wood products 

48:10 – Abodo decking product. 

49:43 – How much of a gap do you need between decking boards?

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