Modernizing Your 1980s Home Exterior

Modernizing Your 1980s Home Exterior, Contact Renovations blog

So you live in a classic 1980s house, and you want to modernize the exterior? Check out this video for tips on how to modernize the outside of your home. The classic exterior features such as brick arches and five-panel bay windows can be altered to give a totally new look, and the bonus is that the updated version is lower maintenance. 

Let me show you how we modernized the look of this 1980s home. It’s similar to some other exterior projects we’re done before, so if you want to know more about removing the brick arches, upcycling old brick, choosing a new front door, or selecting a new garage door, check out our previous posts on these topics:


Today let’s talk about two more changes that can have a big impact.

Switch Out Your Dated Bay Window

Aside from removing the brick arches and updating the look of the brick, the most noticeable change is the update to the windows of this home. Previously, the main window was one of those classic five-panel bay windows. It had a wood frame, and the number of panes really interfered with the visibility from the window, even though it was a decent size.

old brick arches and old bay window, Contact Renovations blog

So in our update, we replaced it with a fiberglass framed window, with triple panes. We squared off the base, so it’s one wide opening with far fewer obstructions in the glass. It is far more modern-looking, and frankly, better-looking. And beyond just the looks—because it is fiberglass and triple-paned, it will perform much better. The insulation value will be better, and there will be zero maintenance on the exterior.

new updated window, Contact Renovations blog

Update Soffits, Eaves Troughs and Trim

The second major change is the update to the soffits, eaves troughs and fascia. These little details can easily be overlooked, but freshening them up will make a big difference. In a typical 1980s house, the soffits and eaves troughs will be white or brown. You can see we’ve updated the ones on this home to black eaves troughs with Lux wood-grain soffits. It really makes a difference in how the exterior looks. It really modernizes it. 

Modernizing Your 1980s Home Exterior, Contact Renovations blog

So there are a few pointers for you if you have an 80s home! If you have a 1980s home you’re considering modernizing and you have some questions, you can reach out to us. We love to modernize the exteriors of these types of homes. 

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