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Level up Your Kitchen Renovation, Contact Renovations blog

Level up Your Kitchen Renovation - Have You Considered Upgrading These Details?

You may have a budget for your kitchen renovation in mind, but you can also invest a bit more in some areas to level up your kitchen. These details won’t add a huge amount to your budget in the overall scheme of things, but they will upgrade your kitchen and add an extra punch. Walk through this recent renovation project with me and see how these details really make this kitchen shine:

A major consideration for many people who are considering a kitchen renovation is budget. But there are some areas in the kitchen where you can invest a little bit more, and it will change the overall look and feel of your space. It can really be worth it! Today, I want to show you a few cool upgrades you can add to class up your kitchen. 

Upgrade Your Cabinet Hardware

I’ll start with the hardware on these cabinets. They have a nice decorative brass handle and it would be considered an upgrade. This upgrade is not going to break the bank. It might add hundreds of dollars to your overall project, which in the overall budget isn’t the hugest impact. And these handles give a nice elegant look. 

The brass ties in well with the lighting this client has selected, which also has brass details. So that’s a great thing to consider when you’re picking your hardware—what might tie in with it? Considering these details will help your kitchen design look cohesive and work together as a whole. 

Upgrade Your Subway Tile

beveled edge subway tile, Contact Renovations blog

You can’t get any more simple than subway tile, right? You might be surprised at the variety of subway tiles that exist! Subway tile might be a great choice for your space, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose the most basic version you can find. You can upgrade it without it getting terribly expensive.

Take a look at the tile in this client’s kitchen renovation. It has a nice beveled edge, which adds some nice texture and depth. It just gives a bit of an extra punch to the design.

So even if you want something simple, little details like the edge of the tile can add something extra, and take some time to explore your options when selecting your tile products if you want to upgrade your kitchen renovation. 

Upgrade Your Appliance Package

black stainless steel appliances, Contact Renovations blog

What are your options for appliance finishes—black, white, stainless steel? Have you thought about black stainless steel?

In this kitchen renovation, the client opted for a nice black stainless steel finish. It’s a very elegant way to showcase the appliances in a subtle way. It’s not very common yet in the marketplace, so I think it’s a smart choice design-wise. It works really well with this kitchen design. And I, personally, just love the look of black stainless steel. 

So give that a look when you’re out at the store looking for your appliance package. Consider all your options. There are different types of finishes out there that you can consider. 

Upgrade Your Faucet

faucet design detail for a kitchen island, Contact Renovations blog

Take a look at the faucet here in this island. It’s truly a beautiful faucet. I see faucets that are installed that range from a couple hundred dollars up to $1,500 plus. You need to determine what your spend will be, but give some thought to the faucet, because it becomes really a nice showpiece. This faucet takes center stage in this island. 

A faucet is a very practical piece, but it can also be a work of art. It’s something to consider when selecting your fixtures—do you want to spend a bit more for something that stands out? They really can be that little extra bit that pushes your design to the next level. 

So there are four upgrades to consider in your kitchen renovation! Talk with a contractor today to find out how you can bring your ideas into reality. And reach out to us here at Contact Renovations if you have any questions!

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