Kitchen Sink Solutions for a Small Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Solutions for a Small Kitchen, Contact Renovations blog

Have a small kitchen and feeling a bit cramped on space? Finding it hard to keep things around your sink organized? One solution is to upgrade your kitchen sink! Check out these kitchen sink solutions in the video below:

What are your options to upgrade your kitchen sink for better organization? Today, we’re talking about creative kitchen workplace solutions.

Upgrade Your Sink

You can go with a regular sink—or go with a sink that can be endlessly configured to give you different options! The sink in the video above is from the Kohler Trinsic line, and it comes with a whole host of options:

Integrated Cutting Board

Kitchen Sink Solutions, Kohler Trinsic line, Contact Renovations blog

An integrated cutting board gives you that extra counter space that is sometimes so necessary. Being able to use the sink space to cut vegetables makes the space above your sink do double-duty. And you won’t have to walk all over your kitchen to bring items you’ve just rinsed over to your cutting area. 

Easy-to-Use Rinsing Bins

Before you cut fruit or veggies, you probably want to rinse them, and that’s where this rinsing bin comes in handy. It gives you a great place to rinse produce under the water, and then to drain them right into the sink so you don’t have to worry about water dripping all over your counter. 

Drying racks

Having removable drying racks can prevent clutter from accumulating on your countertop. Instead of taking up valuable counter space for a drying rack, your dishes can dry right over the sink.

Kitchen Sink Solutions, Contact Renovations blog

Endless Configurations

The great benefit of this type of sink is that you can rearrange each piece to wherever it works best at that moment! There are two levels so you can place the drying racks or rinsing bins lower or higher. You can take out the cutting board altogether—if you want to use it somewhere else in your kitchen, it’s not a problem at all! This sink is a great option—something to consider for your renovation and when designing your kitchen and selecting your fixtures.

Kitchen Sink Solutions, Contact Renovations blog

Looking for more kitchen tips like this that maybe you haven’t thought of yourself? Talk to your contractor to see what they suggest! Their knowledge of the products out there can introduce you to options you might not have even considered, and they can guide you towards quality items that fit your renovation budget. Reach out to us here at Contact Renovations at (780)455-4446 or for all your questions about your kitchen renovation project. 

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