How to Use Texture in Your Home and Create a New Look!​

Use Texture in Your Home Design

Thinking about a new look for your home this year? Try using texture in your home design! This design incorporates shelving, arches, millwork and wainscoting to create a unique look.

In this video, Amanda Lwanga, founder of Linger Design Studio, joins me to talk about this space that was created for the Vignettes Design Series Festival. She describes all the details that went into creating a textured, art-inspired atmosphere in this space. 

Photo credit: Ashley Hansen  

Adding texture to a design is a technique that can really add depth and dimension to a space. You might want to use more texture in your home, but might not be sure how to add it in. Here are a few tips for bringing more texture into your interior design.

Work With Your Contractor to Add Architectural Detail

The major feature of this space is the repeating arches that highlight the artwork. These arches are repeated in wainscoting on the opposite wall, and the door is made into a feature by being surrounded by concentric arches. All of these details add so much impact! This space really illustrates how design and great craftsmanship work together. If you have a vision for similar built-in features, talk to an experienced contractor about how to add these architectural details to your home.
add teture with repeated arches, interior design
You can ask about wainscoting, millwork and other terms that you may not be as familiar with, to learn about how these techniques can work in your interior.

Use Repetition

Amanda’s favourite part of this space is the repetition of the arches. Repeating a feature can add rhythm and continuity to your space. You want to choose the right feature to repeat, and this is where an interior designer can give advice, but repetition done right is not overwhelming. Rather, it makes the room as a whole feel cohesive.

In this space, the artwork was a big feature, but too many contrasting pieces of art might have looked jumbled. The arches tie the whole room together, while also drawing attention to the art and giving it the attention the art deserves. If you are unsure about how to bring more art into your space, a repeating element that ties all the pieces together is one technique you can consider. And of course, art is a great way to bring new textures into your space!

use arches to highlight artwork, interior design

Go With the Flow

Sometimes the unexpected can look even better than what you originally envisioned. In this space, the design team did not quite get the full amount of flooring they’d requested, so they adapted by adding pops of colour to the flooring pattern. This unique touch brought the colours of the artwork down to the floor, and in the end the new design was even better than the initial idea.

add texture with floor detail
Having a creative and adaptable mindset can turn little problems that arise into something that you end up really loving. By exploring different solutions to design challenges that come up in your project, you might see a wider variety of ideas, and this is where going with the flow can really get creativity flowing as well.

Maybe after reading this you still want a little professional advice and guidance. This is where reaching out to interior designers can be a big help. They can also work with your contractor to design a completely unique space that feels comfortable to you and your design style. Reach out to me, or Amanda if you have any questions!

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