Floating Shelves in the Kitchen: Combining Fashion and Function

Floating Shelves in the Kitchen, Contact Renovations blog

Want to add a unique design detail to your kitchen? Try adding some kitchen floating shelves. It’s a great way to combine both fashion and function in your kitchen renovation. Check out the video to see more:

Floating shelves can really be a great meeting point for fashion and function. Are you wondering why you should consider adding them to your kitchen renovation project? Well, read on for some great reasons:

Five Reasons to Consider Adding Floating Shelves to Your Kitchen: 

Floating shelves in the kitchen, Contact Renovations blog

1. They’re Practical

First, shelving is practical. By adding shelving to your kitchen, you add a great space to store some glassware, dishes, or other items—as well as a space to really showcase some of your favourite decor pieces.

2. They Can Tie in With Your Design Aesthetic

In this kitchen renovation, the floating shelves match the beautiful colour the clients selected for their cabinetry. This is a great way to make the whole kitchen look cohesive.

3. They Add Opportunities for Additional Lighting

By adding floating shelves, you have an additional place to install lighting. On the lower shelves, the lighting provides great task lighting for the counter space below. On the upper shelves, it is an opportunity to spotlight any of the great display pieces you might have on these shelves. Have you thought about incorporating lighting into your shelving? If you haven’t, take this opportunity to imagine what it could look like in your kitchen!

Kitchen task lighting, Contact Renovations blog

4. They Add Additional Storage Without Cramping Your Space

Not only are floating shelves practical, they also give you those extra feet of storage space without making your space feel cramped. Take another look at the shelves in this space. Don’t they give a nice, airy and open feel to the space? This is a great solution for small kitchens!

Floating shelves, Contact Renovations blog

5. They Provide Easy Access to Items

When designing your kitchen, think through what you’ll need easy access to, and where the best place to store them might be. For some items, an open shelf may be the best option! You won’t have to open and close cabinets doors to reach them, but will easily be able to access them and then replace them after use. If this is true for you, make sure you have some nice open shelves to store items like this. 

Floating shelving in your kitchen, Contact Renovations blog

There you have it—five reasons to include floating shelves in your kitchen renovation project. In this kitchen, these floating shelves are a great showcase of what can be done with a floating shelf and how it can tie into the millwork and the overall design around them!


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