Door Options For Limited Space

Door Options For Limited Space, Contact Renovations blog

Sometimes there’s just no room for a swinging door—this is when other door options come in! In one of our recent renovations, we incorporated a barn door in the basement renovation and it was a great choice. Watch the video below to see how it works in the space! Or read on to learn about more door options.

So you have limited space but you’d like a door. What are your options? In this basement renovation, the clients wanted a door at the bottom of the stairs to prevent drafts and increase privacy. They went with a barn door, but there are two other options: a pocket door and a folding door. Let’s talk about them.

Barn Doors

When does it make sense to use a barn door? In this case, we couldn’t put a pocket door in because this is a load-bearing wall. A barn door slides in a similar way to a pocket door, and it could be installed on a load-bearing wall, so it was a great option for this space.

Barn door, Contact Renovations blog

Another nice feature of this barn door is the frosted glass window in it. It lets lots of light in from upstairs but still blocks the draft that comes in from the back door. It gives some privacy but still lets natural light in from the rear entry. This is a great application for a barn door.

Barn door, Contact Renovations blog

Pocket Doors

A pocket door is a door that slides into the wall when it is fully open. This means the door is neatly tucked away and doesn’t take up space when it is open! This is one great benefit. The limitation is that there needs to be enough wall for the door to slide into, and this wall should not be a load-bearing wall (unless you want to significantly adjust how your home is supported, which can be expensive). 

Pocket door, Contact Renovations blog

Another thing to note is that the track of a pocket door is also concealed within the wall, potentially making it more difficult to access if it needs to be adjusted or fixed. 

Folding Doors

Another option is a folding door, which folds up to one side of the doorway when it’s open. This is great when there is not enough wall space for the door to slide into. Overall, the look is not quite as streamlined as a pocket door or a barn door, and there needs to be enough room in the doorway for the door to fold on one side when it is open.

Folding door, Contact Renovations blog

There are a few door options! Give those some thought when you’re planning your space. If you have any questions, reach out to us at or (780) 455-4446. We’d love to help you bring your dream renovation to reality.

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