The 3 Season Sunroom Reveal!

The 3 Season Sunroom Reveal! Contact Renovations blog

Looking for 3 season sunroom ideas? Check out this reveal of the 3 season sunroom we just completed – it’s a great way to bring the outdoors inside your home!

We’ve been sharing the progress on the 3 season sunroom for a while, and now it’s time for the reveal! Features such as shou sugi ban, interior wood cladding, and double-oven wood stove have all come together to create this outstanding space. 

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What this family was looking for was a useful space that really transitioned their backyard into the home. So this sunroom now provides them with an area to sit, relax, enjoy time together as a family, right on the cusp of what’s considered their backyard and their home. 

How can you recreate a similar space when designing an addition for your home? Here’s some ideas to consider:

Open Up the Space With Windows and Doors

open up a sunroom with windows and doors, Contact Renovations blog

To give this space a really open feel, we added this 10-foot folding door system that opens up a very large opening to really help bring the outside in. On the other side of the room, we have a similar system for the window into the kitchen area. So when those are both open, it really creates a nice airy space. And when it becomes a bit colder, everything buttons up nicely to keep the warmth in.

Consider a Wood Stove for Heating and Cooking

Wood stove, Contact Renovations blogWood stove, Contact Renovations blogWood stove, Contact Renovations blog

This client had a great wood stove in mind that she wanted for this space. Take a look at the beautiful double oven wood stove, which the client can use to cook as well as heat this space. It really creates a nice cozy space to hang out, and spend time with their family and friends. 

We’ve also insulated this space and prepared it to take heat in the future, should they decide to make this a four-season space for their family—a great way to make this space even more versatile. 

Go Above and Beyond with Design Details

sunroom design details, Contact Renovations blog

The design details in here really help to pull it all together and give it that feel of being outdoors. We’ve got wood cladding on the walls, the ceiling and the floor. This is a wonderful product that comes out of New Zealand, it’s a thermally modified pine. It’s very stable and can handle that big swing in temperature from when it’s unheated to when the wood stove is burning. 

We added some beautiful tile around the wood stove, which really adds some depth and character to this space. 

Lastly, details like this spot to stack the firewood really help to elevate this space and make it feel unique. 

There you have it—some tips for designing a 3 season sunroom. If you have any questions about adding an addition to your home, reach out to us here at Contact Renovations! We love to help 

clients achieve their dream home.

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