4 Affordable Home Design Elements That Won’t Break the Bank

4 Affordable Home Design Elements That Won’t Break the Bank

We’ve been talking a lot about home design, but the reality is, most of us have a budget! While we might splurge in some areas of home design, we can’t splurge on everything. Today I’m going to share four affordable home design elements that you can incorporate into your home without breaking the bank.

Once again, I’m using the Las Vintage space at the Vignettes Design Series Festival to illustrate these design elements. Even if you’re not going for an over-the-top Eighties feel in your home, this space has some great design elements that could work in any space. Check it out:

Photo credits: Ashley Hansen  and MagicHour.ca

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Today, I want to show you a few simple, easy, and affordable ways to make your design unique in your home without having to spend a ton of money.

Tip 1: Customize your mirrors

We all like to have a striking focal point on our walls, right? Maybe a large piece of art, or another design element? But there’s another design option as well—mirrors!

unique mirror

The mirrors in this space are incredibly unique and was not very expensive. They’re simply a piece of MDF that has been routed into into a unique shape, with the mirror inlaid into it. This is a simple and unique feature that you can incorporate into your space.

Tip 2: Disguise flaws with a design that distracts

You might have a feature you don’t really like about your home, but which you cannot change. In this space, there was a large duct running across one of the walls. What do you do when you’re limited in what you can do? One simple trick is to distract attention away from this feature.

In this Las Vintage space, the design disguises and distracts away from the duct by painting a large mural over that back wall. The mural simply incorporates the duct as part of the art, and blends it in. If you have enough creative sense, you may be able to design and paint a mural like this in your own home, or perhaps you have a friend who can design one for you.

Tips 3: Add unique lighting

Lighting can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank! There are many affordable options as well. Take the lights in this space. They add to the eighties feel of the space, but they weren’t terribly expensive.

unique lighting idea

Tip 4: Customize your flooring

Take a look at the tiles in this space. Our friend Aaron Brown from River City Tile helped us out by scoring them in a unique pattern that really makes them stand out. This takes a little bit of skill to do, but it is another option for a unique design feature in your space.

unique scored tile design, unique flooring idea

We showcased the painted concrete floor in another blog post, but this is also an option for an affordable floor design!

So there you have it—four affordable home design elements that won’t break the bank. Maybe after reading this you still want a little professional advice and guidance. This is where reaching out to experts with experience in creating vintage-inspired spaces can be a big help. Reach out to me if you have any questions!

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