The Art of Renovation LIVE Provides Design Inspiration and Practical Tips for Your Home or Backyard Remodel

The Art of Renovation LIVE!
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The Art of Renovation LIVE is an Edmonton based program that broadcasts every Tuesday at 1pm on Instagram LIVE. 

Each week host, Paul Foster, Owner of Contact Renovations and Custom Homes, interviews guests who specialize in home improvement and design. The one hour live format program is filled with tips and entertaining banter that allows time for questions from the audience. 

Contact Renovation and Custom Homes is proud to deliver high quality renovations to the Edmonton area and The Art of Renovation LIVE provides an opportunity dive into different areas of design and introduce customers to many of the “behind the scenes” experts that work on our projects.  

Watch The Art of Renovation LIVE every Tuesday on Instagram. Past episodes can be seen on the Contact Renovations and Custom Homes YouTube Channel

For more information or to inquire about being a guest on the program please email us at: info@contactrenovations.ca.